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19 Countries That’ll Make You Feel Rich Just For Having Nepali Rupees

Nepalese passport is ranked number 86; citizens can travel to 45 countries without a visa or with visa-on-arrival. Nepalese tourists get outlandish exchange rates when they travel abroad to the common tourist destinations where they have to remain price-mindful about everything.

Visiting a foreign land can trench your funds. When on an international holiday, we spend the first few days converting the cost of the minutest things into rupees and regretting spending that money. Yeah, well, you could side-step doing that for your next vacation! Here’s a list of nineteen countries you can go to where the value of our Nepalese rupee is going to make you feel super-rich, in its most literal sense.

1. Angola


2. Cambodia


3. Chile


4. Colombia


5. Comoros


6. Costa Rica


7. Hungary


8. Indonesia


9. Kazakhstan


10. Laos


11. Madagascar


12. Mongolia


13. Myanmar


14. Paraguay


15. Rwanda


16. Sri Lanka


17. Tanzania


18. Uzbekistan


19. Vietnam


Note: Higher exchange rate may not necessary give you higher purchasing power on commodities, therefore, despite having a higher currency exchange rate, the cost of living may be high in above mentioned countries. You can check the average cost of living at Numbeo

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19 Countries That'll Make You Feel Rich Just For Having Nepali Rupees

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