20 Cool Wall Hooks So Creative They Would Pass Well As Abstract Art

What do you think about wall hooks? Oh, you haven’t given them much thought, have you? Well, that’s perfectly normal, wall hooks are not the coolest thing in the world or something we even pay the slightest attention to. Yet, once you finish scrolling down this gallery that is going to change forever, I’m sure.

Here we have a collection of 20 cool wall hooks and creative solutions for hanging your things on the walls. These awesome wall hooks are anything but ordinary. The most ordinary everyday object becomes a very interesting detail in your home and office and brings joy and excitement for everyone coming in that needs to hang a coat or a hat. It’s a great conversation starter too! Some of them are simpatico, some are a bit violent, some are naughty, but the common for all of these wall hooks is that they are fun home or office accessories.

Your guests will certainly put on a smile when coming through your door meeting the unusual wall hooks right away. Isn’t that nice! Choose one that you like the most and bring excitement into your living or working space.

1. Paint Brush Wall Hook

cool wall hooks

cool wall hooks 2

Designer: Dominic Wilcox

2. Playful butterflies wall hooks

cool wall hooks 3

Designed by Lamidea

3. Dart Coat Hook – I love this one!

cool wall hangers 4

cool wall hangers 5

Designer: Anthony Chrisp

4. 8-Bit Hanger

cool wall hangers 6

cool wall hangers 7

cool wall hangers 8


5. Raindrops wall hooks

cool wall hangers 9

cool wall hangers 10

Designer: Jantze Brogård Asshoff

6. Hang On

cool wall clips 11

cool wall clips 12

Designer: Jade Barnes-Richardson

7. Ninja Star Coat Hook

cool wall clips 13


8. “DROP” The Flowing Wall Coat Rack

cool wall clips 14

cool wall clips 15


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9. Knife Hooks – my favorite of all the cool wall hooks on this list

cool wall clips 16

Designer: tc studio

10. High Tea Wall Hooks

cool wall clips 17

awesome wall hooks 18

Designer: coroflot

11. Mr.P One Man Hang

awesome wall hooks 19


12. En Suspend

awesome wall hooks 20

Designer: diamantini & domeniconi

13. HANG

awesome wall hooks 21

awesome wall hooks 22

Designer: yoox

14. Regnah Hanger

awesome wall hooks 23

awesome wall hooks 24


15. Mountain Coat Range

epic wall hooks 25

epic wall hooks 26

Designer: BraveSpaceDesign

16. Office Clip Hook

epic wall hooks 27


17. Forget Me Not

epic wall hooks 28

epic wall hooks 29

Charlotte Lancelot

18. “Here Hook”

epic wall hooks 30

epic wall hooks 31

epic wall hooks 32

Designer:Richard Shed

19. Bird Hook

epic wall hooks 33

epic wall hooks 34

Designer: Jantze Brogård Asshoff

20. Active Hanger

epic wall hooks 35

cool wall hooks 36

Designer: Ferran Lajara

OMG! I want them all! These cool wall hooks are a thing of beauty!