20 Honest Illustrations That Depicts The Harsh Reality Of Our World

This year will mark the end of the decade and if we reflect on the years have gone by, we will, of course, learn how many meaningful things have happened in respect to the world, life in general and of course our own lives. The last ten years have seen huge advancements in technology but more than that is the advent and rapid progress of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Some of these illustrations rightly depict how such platforms have taken over many people’s lives living an alternate life on the internet that is in sharp contrast to reality. Here are 20 illustrations that rightly depict the negative and positive aspects of life in the last decade.

Happy on social media

This is a classic scenario of today. Instagram is an obsession where you just have to keep up a farce and be a painted clown showing that duck face, smiles, thumbs up signs and what not to show what a wonderful life you may be having when deep down you may be weeping instead.

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The ass tree

The concept of the couch potato is still very much alive. Moreover, there are many who simply keep lapping up whatever the television throws at them so much so they get rooted to their seats which is what the illustration shows.

It’s Still A Man’s World

The illustration shows only empty text bubbles but no words need to be spoken in this image that shows the man’s bubble above the woman’s one. This is to show how in spite of progress, women are still discriminated against.

Child Labour

Even till today, there is a sizeable population of children working an adult’s 8-hour shift especially in factories and sheds of developing countries. It is a no win situation because while NGO’s try their best to get children out of the working environment, there is no one else earning for the family.

Who knows, this could happen

With astronomy and the latest space telescopes picking up signals from outer space, who knows what is lurking out there. Perhaps, we too may be a species to aliens just like animals are to us. Till now humans are considered the highest in the circle of life, but are we?

What divorce can do?

Unlike older generations, marriage today is a farce. Men and women think nothing of getting together without the slightest intention of a commitment make babies and then divorce. Today’s world isn’t about others; it’s all about individual needs. As a result, children end up suffering a divorce in the worst possible way.

Money talks

How very true. In fact, today it is all about money. If your pocket is full, you have a car, a bike, and a lavish apartment, that is enough bait to get gold digging women who care little about your looks or who you really are.

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The modern slave

This illustration was made by artist Steve Cutts and could well be termed as the illustration that rightly sums up the last decade. Humans have become zombies to technology especially their masters whom they carry in the palm of their hands like a remote telling them what to do, the Smartphone.

Humanity sucks

Today’s humanity is a different breed altogether. Today, poverty and homelessness is a very common sight but there are those who just love seeing these things not for solving them but for using them for their own dirty gain.

Death and social media

This illustration shows an eerie comparison between death and social media. It’s very true that the majority of people have no real life and prefer living in the virtual world of social media. People living in the same house are wishing each other “good morning” on Facebook. People bare open their interesting lives on social media while in reality, they may be just a stagnant figure with a Smartphone stuck to a couch.


Well, in a world of bad, there is no denying there can be good too. This illustration shows how goof and grateful some children can be. When parents raise us to be men giving us our first set of wheels, we too should do the same.

How families are torn apart

Extramarital affairs can be nasty. All they do is give people a false sense of happiness when in reality; they are heartbreaking elements of family destruction. A happy family can be torn apart because of an affair.

Child labor again

This is another sad side to child labor showing a comparison between two children on opposing sides of the social divide. One child is less privileged and has to work depicted here as pulling a train while another has a train for a toy showing how fortunate he is.

Human beehive

This illustration rightly shows how the monotony of routine and organization can make our lives mundane and robotic just like bees working a beehive. We come to our cubicles and just sit there robotically till the day is done.

The great divide

This illustration shows two boys at either end of the social spectrum. One seems to be unhealthy because of most likely being addicted to junk food and no exercise while the other seems to be addicted to wanting food because of the lack of it.

Mars and basketball

Have you noticed that a basketball hoop could have been designed after the astrological symbol of mars which also denotes a male or the masculine? It is also the symbol of Mars who is all about masculinity. Next time you are at a basketball game, watch the hoop.


This is another brilliant illustration showing how we aren’t just tied down to social media bit how social media also encourages narcissistic behavior. People are so in love with themselves that they are busy looking at themselves in the mirror or posting selfies the whole day.

New age relationship

Relationships were a bigger thing just 5-8 years ago when people didn’t really care about cell phones. You just sat with the other person just to enjoy their company but today is enjoying a relationship more on Instagram and Facebook.

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The real god in our lives

Perhaps one day this might happen who knows. If there is one device that our daily lives and lifestyle is dependent upon, it is the WI-FI without which we would be lost. The WIFI is the true God in our homes, hence this illustration.

The human race

This is a perfect illustration to show how fast-paced and hectic today’s world can be. As a working person, there is never any time for one’s self and you literally race through the week doing task after task till you’re done and spent of energy.

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