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20 Products To Make Your Boring Desk Job Less Painful And Extra Fun!

Staying at your desk and staring at your computer screen all day long is boring. A boring job means less creative thinking and that results in low efficiency.

7 Incredible Stories On How These Everyday Objects Came Into Existence

You definitely need a few of the products listed below to pump up your working environment and stay happy at work.

A foot hammock

A self-stirring mug

And don’t forget the mug warmer

A miniature USB-powered desk vacuum

A futuristic laser projection keyboard

(It cuts a tiny strip of paper and uses it to “stitch” sheets of paper together.)

A power-nap head pillow

Incredible keyboard-cleaning putty

A therapeutic, core-building ball chair

A personal mini-fridge for your desktop

A cup holder drink clip for your desk

A washable keyboard

For when you’re not using the hammock

A stress-busting desktop punching bag

A cord wrapper

A magnetic doodle picture frame

USB-powered hand warmers

A portable office humidifier

A digital peephole viewer

A USB Stealth Switch that instantly hides what you’re doing on your computer

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20 Products To Make Your Boring Desk Job Less Painful And Extra Fun!

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