September 28, 2020

20 Things Every Shoeaholic Girl Would Easily Relate With

The old saying that says diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, it may not be necessarily true for every woman out there. There are women who are outrageously obsessed with their shoes. If you are such a woman, you surely will relate to these points that you are about to read. Are you a shoeaholic?

1. You have more shoes than the clothes that go with them.


2. First comes the shoes, then the dress. The dress is secondary after you finalize the shoe.


3. Even for shopping, you buy shoes and then go for clothes shopping.


4. You can’t stand the people who wear the same shoes every day.


5. Shoe sale is what you live your life for.


6. Getting your shoes to cobbler for repair is your worst nightmare.


7. You have an ensemble of the same design shoes though in different colors.


8. You save on food and other expenses so that you can buy more shoes.


9. Shoes will be arranged in a particular manner in your wardrobe.


10. They are like pets to you. You handle with care.


11. You have all the boxes that your shoes came with. It is your hobby to collect them.


12. Friends come to you for advice on shoes. You are the connoisseur.


13. Wrong shoes make you agitated! Who wears heels on a jogging pant?


14. Giving away your shoes is simply inconceivable.


15. You have added new shoes to your collection, you can’t stop looking at them all the time.


16. Someone else buying the pair you like, it comes to haunt you forever.


17. Every new purchase process is ‘Cinderella’ moment for you.


18. You visit luxury labels to know-how the latest trends.


19. You hate maxi dresses, as it hides your priced shoes.


20. You just never can have enough shoes.


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