20 YouTube Gems That Will Brighten Up Your Day

YouTube is known for comments that cause people who read them to get cancer, but there are just pure gems out there that aren’t noticed that much that bring laughter to people. Here are 20 of these gems. Hope you enjoy!

1. Hubert is so innocent

2. Burn!

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3. A very witty conversation

4. HAHAHA because it’s the worst movie ever

5. Guess who went single right after

6. It’s kinda true LOL

7. Quality YouTube comment right here

8. If you see someone with ears like this use a padlock LOL

9. How do you even laugh in English?

10. There are two kinds of YouTube commenters…

11. It needs more JPEG obviously

12. Last time I was watching a funny cat video, then before I know it I was watching pimple popping videos

13. Anyone here a brony? LOL

14. As easy as that

15. Play with me, Mr. Grey

16. That’s so bad LOL

17. Anyone else here played Battleships?

18. Marijuana, not even once

19. Remember when Apple Maps failed horribly?

20. Well, I can see why it’s an interesting weather report