21 Aerial Photos Of People’s Room That Captures Essence Of Their Lives

We all have a special bonding with our bedrooms. Whether it is our study desk, messy clothes everywhere, secret things under the bed, we maintain our bedrooms with a lot of memories. A bedroom is indeed an intimate space for every individual.

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The way he/she maintains her room can tell a lot about the person. John Thackwray, a photographer decided to take aerial shots of people around the world which will talk about the person, their culture, personality, etc. He published a book named My Room Project with all his aerial shots.

Asha – Bamasemilya, India

Zhambyl – Kazakhstan

Lalu – Varanasi, India

Elahe – Tehran, Iran

Saleh – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Oleg – Novosibirsk, Russia

Camille – Kingston, Jamaica

Marcello – La Paz, Bolivia

Pema – Kathmandu, Nepal

Osia – La Salomon, Lesotho

Khetiwe – Durban, South Africa

Yuan – Dali, China

Ronia – Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Chihuahua, Mexico

Andreea – Bucharest, Romania

Fha – Ban Si Ngam, Thailand

Gulle – Istanbul, Turkey

Ryoko – Tokyo, Japan

Joseph – Paris, France

Maleeq – New York, USA

Maya – Berlin, Germany

Source: My Room Project

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21 Aerial Photos Of People's Room That Captures Essence Of Their Lives

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