Fearless Indian Lovers Who Can Make Anyplace A ‘Makeshift Make Out’

If you have ever been to Indraprastha Park, Delhi or Elliot Park, Kolkata, you must have witnessed scores of couples spending some intimate time with each other. Unperturbed by people, these couples don’t shy from showing affection and in many cases, they even forget they are in open.

The huge shortage of rooms for these couples have made these public parks a romancing hub for them. They are the epitome of adjustment and crusaders of allowing the public display of affection. They are madly in love and don’t care about vigilantes and police.

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They believe in public harmony and only make love in their defined territories. You can witness ten’s of couples sitting in limited space but nobody interferes with anyone. The only thing they want, dense shade and if possible, a bench. This post is dedicated to such beloved lovers, who are madly in love and don’t care about society. They truly define the westernization of Indian culture and openly engage in a public display of affection.

Here are some pictures of Indian couples who took parks for their loving abode and defied all those who call for an end on public display of affection: