23 Difficult ‘Tongue Twisters’ You Can Challenge With Your Friends

A tongue twister is a manifestation that is assembled in such a way as to make its expression challenging. Usually considered as a spoken word game, these produce humorous results when mispronounced with great confusion and fun. To get the complete effect of a tongue twister, one should be able to pronounce the series of nearly similar words in it without stumbling or mispronouncing them.

Tongue twisters are often mispronounced because when people speak too speedily, certain groupings of sounds make people to lose control of their mouths. But otherwise, tongue twisters serve as a good practice for improving pronunciation skills. While the phrase ‘The sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick’ is considered the most difficult tongue twister by the ‘Guinness world of records’, Other such phrases that will leave one puzzled but will also amuse others at their wrong pronouncements are: