24 Things Everyone Who Went To Nepali Colleges Would Relate To

24 things nepalese college cover buzzativ
24 things nepalese college cover buzzativ

College life is always great no matter which college you went to. Every college shares a few common things that every student would nostalgically relate with. You would find stereotypes, overtly cool people, nerds, teacher’s pet, and so on and so forth.

10 Things Teachers’ Said During Our School Days

Shameless Gang

They are mostly found in groups, and they take their responsibility of looking at every girl that passes by them. If girls don’t pass by them, they would make sure they pass by girls themselves. According to this group, there are only two types of girls in the world, one, mero wala, second, tero wala.

Copy Paste Brigade

They are the ones who have the concept that completing assignments on their own is never a cool thing. Therefore, they always maintain good relations with nerds of their class to copy the assignment they will be provided by nerds and copy-paste the content.

Grade Calculator

They are of several types, but two of the most common kinds of grade calculators are, one, those who cry even after getting the highest grade in a class, second, those who wants passing marks only.

Treat Chahiyo

Every occasion to them, calls for a celebration, and eventually, a treat is pending, no matter the significance of the event that has occurred or is going to take place. All they want is a free tummy-filling feast.

Biased Male Teacher

This is present at every college, no matter which city you study in. There would be one male teacher who is lenient towards female students and very strict with the male students. All their politeness is reserved only for girls.

Lucky Ones

While don’t study hard, or rightly put, they don’t study at all. They would attend group-studies but hardly read a single page. Yet, they will manage to pass, with good marks too.

Kehi Pani Aaudaina

Another customary kind. They are the ones who will always pretend that they didn’t chance to prepare well for the exams, and are always worrisome. However, they get good grades and pass with flying colors.


Maybe they are nice people; someone you would love to hang out with. But they would never take out a rupee out of their pocket. They would easily avoid meetings where they feel they might need to pay the slightest of the amount.

Not Working At All

You would definitely come across admin staff who don’t have any work, and they don’t do a thing. Nevertheless, they make themselves look, very workaholics.

The OJ Types

They would crack jokes where you can’t even think a joke can be cracked because they are Over Janne (OJ.) They create lame jokes out of nothing. Seems like they feel it is their duty to comment on every single line spoken by the teacher. Most noteworthy is they don’t know where to stop.

Overly Efficient

They might be nerds or not, who knows? But they will ask plenty of questions during each lecture. It doesn’t matter at all, if those questions are relevant to coursework, or have logic in it, nevertheless, they will throw out questions.

Borrow, Borrow, Borrow

They borrow everything. From asking for lunch to borrowing sharpener. They come to school with empty minds and empty bags. However, they manage to get through the day with any hassle, just by borrowing.

Under The False Impression

This kind of girls thinks that every guy in her college is crazy after all. They have “I am the only one kind” attitude which is false to every extent.

Gossip Girls

Girls talking about girls with other girls. That’s all these kinds of girls do during their entire college days. They make stories up, if there is nothing else, and they would make sure everyone gets to hear it through the grapevines.

Silent Lover

They have many crushes in their class, and in the entirety of the college. They stalk them on Facebook, finds out every single detail about their crush. Unfortunately, every crush will friend-zoned this guy.

Love Jodi

Most of all they are the world for each other. Hence, they simply don’t care if there are other friends around, they would manage to find solace in each other. As a result, they would go everywhere together, from friends get-together to class projects, they are inseparable.

Models In The Making

There would be some girls, and even guys, in every class who takes college class as a fashion ramp. They would take hours to get ready for classes.

Drama Queens & Kings

Usually, girls fall under this kind, but some boys might fall into this category. They would create drama out of nothing. They have an egoistic approach in almost everything. Simply, they would plan out strategies to break the groups, create misunderstandings to break apart friendships of others.

Philosopher Guru

They wouldn’t speak in normal verses; rather they would have everything spoken with deeper meaning. Furthermore, they would think that everything has a purpose. Consequently, if there is less ‘alu’ inside ‘samosa,’ they will have explanations for it. Almost at times, they typically are good listeners and can utter out ‘Facebook status’ quotes.


For them, the classroom is the bedroom, the desk is their pillow. Maybe their understanding of class revolves around sleep. Consequently, they spend their entire college days lying on the desk.


Neither has nothing do with impressing girls nor they are good at the game. Some guys are too much of a sports freak. Furthermore, they come to college only because they can play their favorite games.

Wannabe Singer

They would sing love songs at every college event they could chance to perform. Much as they would start humming songs even during class time.


When he buys DSLR, great things happen with him. First of all, they are invited to parties and gatherings even they don’t know anyone. Especially, they are there for helping others change their profile picture on Facebook.

Teacher’s Pet

Since they would tell everything to their teachers, they are sometimes labeled as a spy working for the teacher. That would make sure they are given better grades by the teacher.