24 Funny Bhojpuri Movie Titles That Will Make You Think Long And Hard!

Absolutely no reasoning behind it.

There is no denying the immense ability in the Bhojpuri movie industry. They repudiate the common notion of rational thinking. These rib-tickling movie titles are proof of the previous statement. These titles are so inappropriate that they make you laugh out loud.

10 Insanely Weirdest Movies That Will Give You Headache

1. Sister-in-law or brother-in-law

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (1)

2. The wife overshadows the husband

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (2)

3. Milky White is the norm

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (3)

4. The Ganges can do wonders

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (4)

5. The untrustworthy lover
bhojpuri-titles-rofl (6)

6. Stay safe Dev

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (7)

7. All the way from Bihar

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (8)

8. Good to be in the Police

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (9)

9. The question

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (10)

10. Again the brother-in-law

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (11)

11. Forget about Chennai Express

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (12)

12. Dam is needed

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (13)

13. He’s the Control Panel

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (14)

14. Bull’s eye

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (17)

15. Made for each other

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (18)

16. Sister-in-law again

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (19)

17. Coca Cola won’t do

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (20)

18. WOW! for the name

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (21)

19. The population growth explained

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (22)

20. Good to be rickshaw driver as well

bhojpuri-titles-rofl (23)

21. Because alcohol is bad for health


22. Electricity problem solved


23. A very humble request


24. Good Wi-Fi reception


If you are aware of more of such hilarious movie titles, do share with us.


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