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25 Funny YouTube Comments That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

There are a lot of toxic comments on the internet, many troll people for fun, but then there are those that comment pure gems. They make sense or they make us laugh, no matter, they are all witty. Here are 25 of the classic funny YouTube comments for you to enjoy!

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1. The commenter has a point

2. He’s so massive he has his own gravity

3. Ayyy lmao

4. And we won’t forgive you for that, Snape

5. Same

6. You’re a wayward son, Harry

7. He is a highly skilled SEAL

8. That’s racist

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9. I, too, need to stun my enemies after I kill them

10. Well, if you sing a song about burning bridges lol

11. They look like one, true

12. A very helpful comment

13. Because cats are jerks

14. He is a professional quote maker

15. My brain hurts

16. Asking the important questions


18. Very poetic

19. And a very cute mushroom too


21. Or a Walkman

22. Awkward

23. It’s important to know

24. My anaconda don’t

25. It means it’s really bad LOL

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25 Funny YouTube Comments That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

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