25 Naughty Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions Every Guy Must Know


Truth or dare is a real fun game to play with friends, partner, spouse, crush, or other guys. When you play with just each other, you can more easily turn it into a game of naughty truth or dare and find out some dirty secrets. It is really fun to play this game!

Playing dirty truth or dare with guys can give you a really good opportunity to ask some questions that you may have wanted to know but they were not appropriate to ask at any other time. You can ask some funny questions and get some hilarious responses from the guys that you play truth or dare with.

Here are a few lists of questions and dares to help you with coming up with good ideas for your naughty game. These lists are made with asking and daring guys, but many can also apply to girls.

Guys, it strengthens the relationship

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Playing a naughty version of truth or dare can strengthen your relationship with those that you play the game with. Playing with your partner or other guys will definitely bring you a lot closer to them. You will really learn a lot about someone when you ask very personal questions and give them erotic dares to perform that they would not otherwise do.

You can get deep in their brain about why they do the things that they do by coming up with a list of questions to ask that you want to know the answer to before the game even starts. You will probably even find out some funny truths about the guys that you play with, and will definitely see them do some really funny dares. This is the perfect game to play while on dates, as this will help you learn a lot deeper truths than you would just by asking regular questions.

Guys, learn how to play dirty naughty truth or dare

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There are multiple ways you can play naughty truth or dare. The way that most people will probably want to play is one on one with their partner, as this will be much more comfortable. Some great dates have been had by playing dirty truth or dare can make for an anticipated night of sexy fun.

You can also play in a group setting with guys and girls, but make sure that you are close to this group, or at least fairly comfortable with them. This is not a good game to play in a group that is very shy.

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Whether you play with your partner or in a group with a bunch of guys and gals, you can prepare beforehand by making lists of questions and dares. This way, you will be ready when it’s your turn and can keep the game going. You can also research some really good questions and dares that others will not be able to think of on their own.

Naughty questions for guys

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Here are some naughty questions that you can ask to help start building your dirty question lists.

1. What is your most X-rated fantasy? This question can also be asked to girls. This could lead to a dare of performing their fantasy.

2. When did you last masturbate? This can also be asked to a guy or girl.

3. When was the last time you went to a strip club? How much did you like it? This can be asked of either sex but will get dirtier answers from guys.

4. Could you give me an orgasm with only touching my upper body and giving me a kiss? Want to try? This is geared towards guys with a girl asking this and can lead to a dare.

5. Would you be really upset if I made out with another girl who was really attractive? This question is great to ask for girls who are playing with their partner to see what their take on this situation would be. This could give someone else an idea for a dare if you ask this question, though, so be ready.

6. What is the sex position that you really like the most? If you ask this to guys, especially, they will get turned on quickly thinking about the different sex positions that they have done with you.

7. If you could try a new sex position tonight with me, what would you want to do? This naughty question will really start getting both of you heated up and it is great to ask for those on dates who want to end up in the bedroom.

8. Would you rather me give you regular sex, oral sex, or anal sex for the rest of the time, if you could only choose one? This is best-asked guys who are in a relationship.

9. What do you remember that is the most embarrassing thing you have done or have happened to you while having sex? This question is sure to get some funny answers and you will learn something that you probably did not know before about that person!

10. What is the kinkiest act that you have ever performed? This question can also result in some funny answers and will help you learn about your partner even more. It can help you see if they are into anything kinky that you may not have known about, or if they are completely turned off from it.

11. What was on your mind when you last masturbated? This will give insight into that person’s mind. You can use this question with your partner or even in a group game of naughty truth or dare.

12. If you could have a threesome with me, who would the third person be? You can ask this in any setting of dirty truth or dare, but just be ready for the answer that is given, as you may not be very happy about it. This question could also lead to a dare of performing a threesome with that person if they are there or a dare of asking them to have a threesome.

Naughty dares for guys

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Here are some naughty dares geared towards guys that you can use during your game!

13. I dare you to go on Amazon and order a sex toy that is the kinkiest one on there. This dare is great for partner games and for group games.

14. I dare you to have sex with me while all of the windows and doors in the house are open.

15. I dare you to show me or us what your favorite porno video or movie is and let everyone watch the whole thing. This dare will definitely turn up the heat in the game and get everyone turned on.

16. I dare you to take off my underwear using just teeth. This dare is great for couples but when used for a group game, it can get everyone hot just with watching.

17. I dare you to take my sex toy and play with yourself. If you ask this one, make sure you come prepared with your sex toy.

18. I dare you to take nude pictures in sexy poses and text them to me on your phone. This is a good dare to do in a group, as the person can leave the room to take the pictures, or, if you want to make it more embarrassing and entertaining, you can make them do it in front of the whole group.

19. I dare you to put me in handcuffs and do what you want with me. You may want to set rules for this one. Be ready for anything to go!

20. I dare you to have sex with me and be as loud as you possibly can. This dare is mostly appropriate for couples, but if that is the way that your group is, then go for it. Make sure that if you do play in a group, that everyone is comfortable enough being there if this is how erotic it will be.

21. I dare you to dance to a sexy song and strip off your clothes seductively. This dare can be very entertaining to watch and will leave you with some great memories. You may even want to record it with your phone to have proof.

22. I dare you to lick me on any part of my body except for my lips. This dare will be even naughtier if the game has gotten to the point of no clothes.

23. I dare you to tell me exactly what you want to do to me sexually. This dare will get you turned on and ready for more throughout the night!

24. I dare you to come up with a sexy role-play and then act it out with me. You may want to set rules for this when giving the dare, as some role-plays can be painful or very kinky.

25. I dare you to turn me on as much as you can but no touching. This can lead to some steamy words being exchanged.

Guys have a night of fun with naughty truth or dare

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Playing naughty truth or dare is a great game for dates to get to know one another better. It could also be a great night of fun with friends who are also into this. Anyone that you play with, you are sure to get much closer to them and learn a lot more about them than you knew before. You can see how far you can push them to go by giving them extremely naughty dares. Asking very sensitive questions will help you learn about what kind of person someone truly is.

Prepare yourself for a night of naughty truth or dare by making some lists of questions, and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. You can have some real fun with these ‘ truths and dares’ ideas guys! Just go ahead and make the most of them for a truly memorable experience.