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25 Photos Of Kids From Around The World With What They Eat In A Week

Photographer Gregg Segal embarked on a journey to find out what do children eat around the world. You’ll be surprised to see that some kids seem to enjoy carbohydrate-heavy meals and fast food while others stick really close to nature.

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Gregg visited 9 countries in this project and documented what he’s captured in his book called ‘Daily Bread: What Kids Eat Around the World’.

He’s also previewed 25 of them on his site, greggsegal.com.

1. Kawakanih Yawalapiti

9 years old from Brazil. The only child raised speaking Arawaki, a native language only spoken by 7 people.

2. Anchal Sahani

10 years old, from Mumbai, India. She lives in poverty and dreams to be a teacher one day.

3. Davi Ribeiro De Jesus

12 years old from Brasilia, Brazil. He lives in the slum, goes to the church twice a week, owns 5 strays and dreams to be a cop because it’s better than a thief.

4. Ademilson Francisco Dos Santos

11 years old, also from Brasil, Goiás. He helps dad with farming and loves mangoes. He hates hot dogs.

5. Meissa Ndiaye

11 years old from Dakar, Senegal. He loves sports cars and wishes his family can move to France to earn more money.

6. Hank Segal

8 years old from California in Altadena. He thinks he’s partly dog because of his sense of smell and love 80s music.

7. Beryl Oh Jynn

An 8-year-old from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She loves spaghetti carbonara and is now allowed sodas.

8. Sira Cissokho

An 11-year-old from Dakar. She’d love to send her parents on a trip to Mecca and cherishes a bracelet her late grandfather passed down to her.

9. Rosalie Durand

She is 10 years old from Nice, France. She wants to be an interior designer and loves kickboxing.

10. Adveeta Venkatesh

She is 10 from Mumbai, India. She’s a vegetarian who also wants to be a veterinarian.

11. June Grosser

8, from Hamburg, Germany. She is not allowed a dog but thinks she can bribe her mom once she’s earned enough money.

12. Leona “Nona” Del Grosso Sands

6, from Glendale, California. She lives with only her mom and cat, Cleo. She once cooked oatmeal for her sick mom.

13. Andrea Testa

9 year old from Catania, Italy. He hates cauliflower and would love to have a dog and become a doctor because doctors earn a lot of money.

14. Yusuf Abdullah Al Muhairi

9, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He can make scrambled eggs and toast on his own.

15. Tharkish Sri Ganesh And Mierra Sri Varrsha

They are 10 and 8 years old from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She wants to be a doctor and he wants to be an IT engineer.

16. Siti Khaliesah Nataliea Muhamad Khairizal

A 9-year-old from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Enjoys spaghetti carbonara and wants to buy an iPad.

17. Greta Moeller

7, from Hamburg, Germany. She loves fish sticks with mashed potatoes and hates rice pudding.

18. Frank Fadel Agbomenou

8 from Dakar, Senegal. He eats everything and especially loves fish. He dreams to travel to Paris and become a gynecologist.

19. Isaiah Dedrick

16 years old, from Long Beach, California. He goes on a diet after the photoshoot and wishes no one will ever go hungry in the world.

20. Cooper Normal

10 years old, from Altadena, California. He has an excellent table manner and is willing to eat anything.

21. John Hintze

7 years old from Hamburg, Germany. He dreams to be an underwater archaeologist.

22. Alexandra and Jessica

9 and 8, from Altadena, California.

23. Paolo Mendolaro

9 from Belpaso, Sicily. He loves pizza the most and learns to make his own pizzas.

24. Henrico Valias Sant`anna De Souza Dantas

10 years old, from Brasilia, Brazil. He’s a Star Wars fan and is perfectly content with life.

25. Daria Joy Cullen

6, from Pasadena, California. She’d like to be a dog trainer.

How does your weekly food look like?

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25 Photos Of Kids From Around The World With What They Eat In A Week

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