September 17, 2020

26 Most Beautiful Croatian Women In The World

In the recently concluded FIFA World Cup 2018, Croatia lost but they won hearts of football fans all over the world. The fighting spirit displayed by Croatian was truly remarkable. Despite having a small population of just under 5 million, Croatia has been able to excel tremendously at sporting events. Except for its excellent athletes, great food, beautiful nature, and widely known for beautiful Croatian women.

We cannot deny the truth that Croatia has some of the most beautiful women. Some of the Croatian models have participated in the Miss Universe pageant, while others have posed for top fashion magazines. Croatian women are hardworking, talented, and possess marvelous personality.

Nikolina Mitelic

Lana Obad

Renata Sopek

Ivana Pejcinovic

Elizabeta Burg

Lidija Bacic

Izabel Kovacic

Nives Celzijus

Severina Kojic

Antonija Misura Sandric

16 Most Beautiful Finnish Women In The World

Vanja Halilovic

Mirta Surjak

Jelena Peric

15 Most Beautiful Lithuanian Women In The World

Shanaelle Petty

Adriana Durdevic

Nikolina Ristovic

Bojana Gregoric Vejzovic

Ivana Knoll

Sonja Kovac

Antonija Stupar Jurkin

Zanamari Percic

Anamaria Raic

Maja Suput

Doris Pincic Rogoznica

Anita Dujic

Sandra Perkovic

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