26 Obvious Signs That Shows You’re Addicted To Travel

Being a tourist and visiting a new location is completely different from being a traveler. As a traveler, you tend to explore the unexplored and embark upon the journey like no one else. Being a tourist is simply visiting places that are already crowded by other tourists.

1. You have friends/exes/one-stands from almost every continent

2. Your wallet has a mixture of coins and you sometimes give the wrong currency by mistake

3. The idea of flying for 24 hours is not daunting

4. Nervous flyers annoy you

5. You don’t understand the phrase “home is where the heart is”, for you it is the place you return to save-up again for your next trip

6. Your friends are tired of hearing “I’ve been there” during movie scenes

7. You are a frequent flyer member for every airline and you have ranked them from “best” to “compromising because of price” and to “never ever”

8. Your stories always begin with “when I was in …”

9. You frequent Expedia, Hotel Club, STA Travel, Airbnb and Couch Surfer

10. You can’t eat “international” cuisines at home because they really aren’t the same

11. You have designated airplane clothes – normally consisting of UGGS, a hoodie and or sweats/jeans – comfort is EVERYTHING

12. You can pack in half an hour or less

13. You know that the term “4-star” is very subjective

14. Missing your bag on the carousel really annoys you

15. So do flight delays…

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16. And airport lines

17. You really can’t be picky on the go

18. You know that google maps and free WiFi is always a winner

19. Although some of your best discoveries have occurred while you were lost

20. You have become super strong from carrying your luggage and backpack around

21. You’ve considered never unpacking, I mean what’s the point?

22. You don’t understand home-bodies and those that are happy to stay in one place

23. You get overly excited when a friend moves out of town or overseas – an excuse to travel and free accommodation, hell yeah

24. You’ve been jabbed by so many needles but are officially immunized against everything

25. You get offended at being called a “tourist” but totally embrace doing selfies in front of major icons

26. Finally, you firmly believe that you are never too old to travel and will continue it to the very end