30 Flawless Photographs Taken Just Seconds Before ‘The Inevitable’

Some photos make us realize that certain things happen in a moment and cannot be avoided. You don’t even need to be a professional photographer: all you need to do is catch the moment.

Let me see if you brushed your teeth.

And the gates of hell opened…

It was the best concert ever.

If I cannot have you, Milk, nobody can!

Partner switch!

Nothing can save it.

Owing to a lack of antelopes and zebras, I have to settle for a chicken.

A risk-taker.

A second before a billion curses.

The moment before a snowball fight.

A second before death, and two moments before lunch.

I’m fed up with your squirming!

A second after the horse understood it’s not Santa Claus.

A second before… I hope he’s OK.

I told you Mary should sit behind! She could have balanced us out!

Catch me!

A moment before someone was fired.

A bird in the hand is great!

A moment before a good catch!

Is it a dog or Jesus?!

Almost got it…

These girls had two F’s last trimester.

It turns out flies dance a second before death.

“You cannot take your pants off on the field!”

“You cannot hold the ball in your hands either!”

Keep calm, guys, it’s the usual steed shift.

Everyone’s allowed in the pool today!

I wonder who’s more afraid?

Dad, catch!

Take your Whiskas. And your camera. It’s my acrobatics workout, don’t you see?

But remember: whatever happens, let it be for the better!