32 Tried And Tested Ways To Find Out If She Truly Is Into You

Girls are mysterious creatures. It is often said, ‘A girl is the toughest puzzle to decode in the world’. While that is true, several studies and men with experience have made a note of all the subtle and not so subtle signs that women give out when they have a little something for you.

About 60% of the world’s men say that it is not very difficult to know if a girl likes you, while that might be true for people who have dealt with a lot of women, it becomes a hard task for the rookies.

“How to tell if a girl likes you?” is the first suggestion that google brings up when you go on to type “how to tell”. That is how desperately men want to know if there is someone they can cling on to.

As of today, there are 82 million more men than women on the earth and that makes it even harder for men to find a suitable partner. When such is the case, many men fail to understand the subtle signals that women send. If you don’t want that to happen to you, and to read the signs that a girl likes you, stick to our guide below:

Signs with respect to body language

A woman’s body language is a dead giveaway to anything that she is feeling, be it a negative or a positive feeling. When a girl shows an inclination towards you, she is bound to subconsciously do the following in your presence.

1. The touch

If the girl likes you she is definitely going to touch you, in a subtle manner. She will touch your hand in between conversations or while mentioning something about you. Pay attention to this sign for it is the most basic and foremost signs that she is interested in you.

2. The frequent smile

She always smiles at you, as soon as you enter the room or when you catch her looking at you. She even looks at you when there is a joke cracked in the room, look out for this sign.

3. Dilation of her pupils

One of the more subtle signs to know if a girl likes you is to observe her eyes. They tend to dilate when a person the girl likes, interacts with her.

What to look closely for:

  • Pupil dilation
  • Constant meeting of both your eyes
  • Goes back and forth between your eyes and lips

4. Sudden attention to the appearance

Girls, anywho like to look their best when they are going out. And when there is a guy whom a girl likes, she would be double-sure that their appearance is just perfect. When you enter, the girl will make sure her straps aren’t seen, take a quick peek into her mirror, and bounce her hair a couple of times!

5. A hint of stress/jealousy

If you have had a hearty laugh with your other gal pals, make sure to look at your ”girl to be”. You will notice that she has a stressed-out or a grumpy look. That’s jealousy right there.

6. Playful curling of hair

The most obvious ways to know if a girl likes you is to keep a tab on her fingers reaching out to her hair very often. She would be a tad nervous and that makes her do things like twirling the ends of her hair, flipping it past her neck or even just holding the ends of her braids and playing with it.

7. Fully turned towards you

Another way to know is a girl likes you is to observe her posture and placing herself between you and the rest of the group. Her body will always be fully turned towards you, almost blocking the others from your view.

8. Seeking attention from you

Girls like attention, and when it is the guy they like, the need for attention increases exponentially. They tend to change their paths just to walk in front of you, or while at work, in a group, they do weird things to grab your attention.

9. Lip biting

A sure shot confirmation that a girl likes and wants you, is if she is biting or licking her lip when she sees you. An involuntary action that girls just can’t help when they find a guy irresistibly hot. They also frequently alternate between your eyes and lips. This should be the last and final confirmation that she likes you.

Signs while texting

Not only in the real world but through other media too, there are signs that say that a girl likes you. Chief among them is through texting and other social media.

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10. Actual messages

When a girl is interested in you can make out by the way she talks to you over the phone or through messages. She sends relevant replies and not one-word texts like “k” or “yes thank you” or even just end the convo with the answer to your question.

11. Emoji flooding

Another giveaway that a girl is interested in you is when she likes to add an emoji or a smiley at the end of a sentence. This shows that she wants you to take notice and make you understand that she wants to talk to you.

12. Keeps the conversational flow intact

An interested girl will never just end the conversation. Even if there is nothing more to talk about, around 10 minutes after the talk has ended, she would have sent a message about something new, thereby reiterating her interest in you.

13. Convo-initiation by her

It is not very often that a girl texts you first, but if she does, it means that you hit the jackpot. If she sends the first message pretty often in the day it clearly means that she wants to keep in touch with you, constantly!

14. Sad/happy situations

You can make out when a girl is happy or when she’s sad. If you send her a message like “Hey, Brianna” and she replies with “Hey Darren, how are you? :)”then she’s clearly happy to have received a message from you. On the other hand, test her, try not talking to her at all, for a few days may be, and you will know that she isn’t all that happy about it.

15. Social media behavior

If a girl likes you, she will surely do all sorts of stuff on social media. Ask yourself if she does the following in a virtual public place:

Does she,

  • Post pictures of the two of you?
  • Tag you to random memes?
  • Comment/react to all your posts?
  • React to all/most of your pictures?
  • Take your side in a comments war?

Go for her, she is interested in you!

Other signs to look out for

Other than the signs that can be grouped, there are those which can be quite vague, yet something to go on. Here are some of those kinds of signs.

16. Short and trivial trips

Does the girl ask for your company to make a seemingly silly trip to the supermarket? Or make sudden plans for a cup of coffee? Then she likes you and wants you to keep her company.

17. Raincheck and actually rescheduling

A girl who likes you never actually calls for a rain check and reschedule. If she is busy she will surely fix another time and place for the two of you to meet again.

18. Gossiping about you

A girl cannot stop talking about her crush. All girls know this and the girl herself too might be aware of her helpless situation. She often thinks about him and brings up his name ever so often while with her group of gal pals! She even goes as far as gossiping about your personal life (she wants to be a part of it, duh!)

19. Compliments’ shower

Has a girl ever complimented you for you extravagantly colorful shirt? or the hairstyle that the rest of your friends call “dorky”? Has she ever complimented you for something silly, like the way you hold your bag? It is another sign that she likes the way you are and is showing interest in you.

20. Attempts to know you better

Someone who likes you would obviously want to know more about you, and the same thing can be said for women. She takes interest in what you do, she asks of your plans for the evening, about your exams in school, even about your plans for your life! All-in-all shows an interest in your life.

21. Met her friends? Or family (even better)?

A girl who likes you would have already introduced you to her circle of friends as a ‘close pal’. And if that isn’t a sign enough, if you have already met her parents, then you surely are several steps ahead in comparison to all her other guy friends and hold that special place in her heart.

22. The constant breaking of personal rules for you

She always breaks her own set of rules like,

  • If she sleeps at a particular time, she stays up later than that to talk to you
  • If she doesn’t like to do something, she will be willing to do it with you
  • You’ll be the only person she will be wanting to talk to  even when she doesn’t want to talk with anyone

23. Subtle hints

Another hint that a girl drops is when she keeps saying that she ‘isn’t interested in seeing anyone right now’, or ‘she doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now’. Subtle signs like these will help you know if a girl likes you.

24. Prioritizes you

You hold precedence above everything else in her life. If there are two groups of friends to go out with, she will choose the one with you in it, if she gets a call while she’s with you, she ignores it, she chooses you over any other friend of hers, in literally anything, by giving lame reasons!

25. Remembers trivial stuff about you

She always remembers the little things like your favorite ice cream flavor, your favorite TV show or something else that is so small that you wouldn’t have even realized that you have mentioned it to her.

26. Acting like she’s helpless

A girl is often ‘found’ in a helpless situation by her crush. She makes it so that he notices her being stranded helplessly and offers to give her a hand. Like you find her unable to do something at all, or she is just standing in the middle of the path looking clueless. If this has happened to you, then that girl surely has a thing for you.

27. Subtle flirting

If a girl likes you can easily know if she is found flirting with you very often. Like, if you are holding a pet and she asks for his name and you say “Romeo” and she replies, “Not your name, the dog’s”! LOL

28. Borrows your stuff

She often borrows your stuff, just for the sake of it, even if she has one or the same thing but a better version of it. This is something that girls do to let you know that they like you. Make a note of it the next time she asks you for something.

These are generally the things that shy girls who have a liking for you would do. Although a  negative approach, they generally do this, to seek your attention and for you to find out on your own of their interest in you. These signs should let you know whether a girl likes you or not

The negative signs

These are generally the things that shy girls who have a liking for you would do. Although a  negative approach, they generally do this, to seek your attention and for you to find out on your own of their interest in you. These signs should let you know whether a girl likes you or not.

29. The vampire look

She always has on this ‘I will suck the blood out of you’ look, always grumpy around you, not giving a single shit about your jokes, lame or not. You might even get scared to look at her, for she might kill you with her hate, but it might just be the other way round.

30. Being a jerk

She is always a jerk with you. Doesn’t help you with anything, turns away when you try to talk to her, often does things that bother you and so on. This might just be her way of telling you she likes you

31. Shifts gaze

If a girl turns away when you look at her, but was looking at you a while ago, it might mean that she has an insanely huge crush on you and couldn’t meet your eyes due to her shy nature. It could also be that she just found you attractive and wants you to make the first move.

32. Least attention

If a girl gives you the least amount of attention of all her friends in her group, it almost always has to be considered to be a liking for you. It is just a shy girl’s way of showing her emotions towards the one that she likes, by giving him as less attention as possible.

These tips should be the long way in finding out if that cute girl is giving you signs that she likes you. Let us know if you found these useful in the comments section below!