5 Dabur Honey Adverts That Demoralizes Over Weight Women

The products of Dabur are synonymous to Ayurveda lifestyle products in India and around the world. They are the fourth largest consumer goods company in India and features a wide range of products with remarkable quality.

Similarly, Dabur Honey has been the benchmark of producing supreme quality honey for daily consumption. However, these few adverts which are broadcasted in TV channels are displeasing to some extent.

1. Dabur Honey – Bipasha Basu

This advert is misleading, to say the least. Is the relationship only dictated by the body structure? Isn’t it possible to stay happy if you are overweight? And the question at the end, “Will you love me even when I get fat?” is truly abusive.

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2. Dabur Honey – Shilpa Shetty

Basically, this advert asks every bulky person to avoid slimmer friends and make a self-disrespectful comment, “I don’t look young,” which renders to as I look fat.


3. Dabur Honey – Amitabh Bachchan

Does fat girl mean a problem? It can’t possibly be what the advert is referring to. It totally misinterpreted the meaning of fitness and used it as a device to perpetrate impudence.

4. Dabur Honey – Jealous Husband

Dabur Honey yet again fails to restore the faith in the relationship, a married relationship.

5. Dabur Honey – Stay Fit. Feel Young

Yet another Dabur Honey advert reminds you of the ways you can stay fit and feel younger.

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