4 Good Reasons You Should Put Tibet On Your ‘Travel’ Bucket List

Are you in love with high altitude locations? Are you fond of the mystical mountains and beautiful valleys, then a trip to Tibet is going to be a lifetime experience for you.

Tibet is a land of peace-loving people, where you can witness how Tibetans have cherished their age-old traditions and preserved the pristine natural beauty.

The Spiritual Soul of Tibet


The Jokhang temple, dedicated to Lord Buddha, is the most sacred temple of Tibet, which also exhibits the blend of the Chinese Tang Dynasty, Indian Vihara and Nepalese architectural efficacy.

This pilgrimage is a must-visit to know about Tibetan culture and rituals; as the prayer wheels roll, the aroma of incense and the soft chants create a serene atmosphere.

The Potala Palace, located near the shrine is a regal red-white building; dive deep into the cultural richness of the country checking out the murals, antiques, relics, and statues of Buddhism and jewelry.


The Sera Monastery opens another facade of Buddhist culture; here you can find monks debating among themselves regarding their holy scriptures and making interesting gestures simultaneously. The Samye Monastery is the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism and hence is also the treasure of ancient frescoes, sculptures, and numerous prayer wheels.

The Tashilunpo Monastery is the epitome of exquisite Tibetan architecture. The golden roofs glitter under sunshine symbolizing the golden age of Buddhism. Norbulingka is the summer palace of the Lamas; here you can watch Tibetan dramas and celebrate the traditional festival of Shoton.

Feel the Pristine Nature


The Mt. Everest base camp of Tibet is a gateway to the tourists to be at the top of the world; it is also a paradise for adventure lovers and photographers. You can also enjoy wildlife tours in Kerala also.

Rest for some time over the soft grass of the Yamdrok Lake, chitchatting with the locals who come here to feed the yaks; you will be impressed with the solitude and serenity of the surroundings. Namtso, the saltwater lake of Tibet is located at an altitude of 4,718 meters. It is a sacred spot, with four Buddhist temples encircling the tranquil waters; your heart will automatically fill with devotion.

The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the deepest gorge of the world. Shadowed with dense forests and habitat to varied flora and fauna, it is an amazing creation of Mother Nature. Imagine the feeling of warm waters amidst a freezing climate; the Yangbajing hot springs gift you the rare opportunity to bath in hot waters with snow all around.

The Emporium of Mementos


Bring a piece of Tibet with you buying trinkets, bright-colored masks, singing bowls, bead necklaces and the beads of luck and prosperity from the popular Barkhor Street.

Cuisines that Keeps You Warm


Tibetan delicacies are food that keeps you safe from the chilly weather. Try out the authentic Tibetan dishes of Tsampa, creamy yogurt, dried beef, and mutton strips, steaming hot momos, Thentuk and yak tongue.

Hence, if city life has tired your heart, spend some time at the laps of nature, for having real peace, enjoy a vacation in Tibet.