5 Best Online Shopping Stores In Nepal Taking Advantage Of Digital Age

In today’s technology era, people want everything on their doorstep rather than going through all the hustle of reaching to the physical stores one by one for shopping purpose. Traditional way of shopping is very tiring, time-consuming and don’t forget the traffic and parking problems in Nepal. That’s why people started preferring online shopping over traditional way of shopping.

Buying and selling has never been easier, faster or more satisfying. Here, we highlight five online Shops in Nepal that are helping customers to meet their shopping expectations.

1. Sastodeal

It is considered one of the biggest online shopping website which offers wide variety of new products to customers. Home deliveries of products via Sastodeal are mostly free inside Kathmandu valley and small surcharge is added for outside valley. Sastodeal has introduced various services for the convenience of shopper like Track your Order and SD Express which has been introduced first time in Nepal.

2. Daraz

Daraz is growing its popularity in Nepali market and is considered one of the fastest growing online markets. Daraz has marked its footstep in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and in Nepal. It offers wide assortment of consumer goods such as fashions, electronics, beauty products and many more. Daraz is owned by CDC Group.

3. Hamrobazar

Hamrobazar is one of the popular online sites which provide a platform to individuals and companies to list wide variety of new or used product online for free. Category has been defined as a search tool to find product or services that customers are interested in. Hamrobazar is visited by around 400,000 unique visitors monthly who use the site for buying and selling purpose.

4. NepBay

NepBay is an amazing online marketplace, where customers can buy or sell new or used items.  Additionally it also offers a platform for News, Events, Deals, Community Forum, Polls, Quizzes, Videos and Contests. Explore FAQs. NepBay offers variety of products and stores, and facilitates secured online payment.

5. Muncha

Muncha act as a digital shopping mall where we can find variety of products to cater customer’s needs. It is popularly known for sending gifts to loved one via site.