5 Body Gestures of Rishi Dhamala That Every Women Must Be Cautious For

This guy is one of kind. He is shamefully popular. The whole of the Nepalese population has unloving reactions about him, but yet he manages to be in the limelight. The confidence despite all the negativity surrounding him is something to be noted down.

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We have compiled five body gestures that Rishi Dhamala has been using all throughout his career.

1. The Double Hand Posture


This guy has these unintentionally unmannerly hand motion that point straight at you. Allegedly, they were pointing towards Jyoti Magar’s thigh during the interview.

2. The Deep Thoughtful Face


This guy is extremely flirty, he will make inroads into your current relationship status. Just be careful. The rendezvous with Richa Sharma proves it for you.

3. The Shoulder Bend


When his shoulders are bend, get ready to get face a rapid question that goes way beyond your future plans. Just look at the interview with cricket captain Paras Khadka.

4. Lustful Eyes, Smiley Face


This guy will pose with lustful eyes whilst having a smiley face. Beware when taking a selfie with him.

5. The Senseless Leg Movement


When he starts his English speaking skills, his legs do the dance. Watch this clip with Rekha Thapa.