September 28, 2020

5 Interesting Facts That’re Overlooked About The Indian Rupee Symbol

The Indian rupee symbol has given the Indian currency representation a very eye-catching character in the international economy. Personally, I have been a profound admirer of the visually brilliant symbol of Indian rupee pictogram ever since it was circulated from 2010.

The iconic rupee symbol is the work of Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam. His design of the rupee won the cabinet’s approval which was attempted by 3000 other designer’s entries.

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Indian rupee symbol gives a distinctive identity to its national currency and sets apart from other regional currencies of countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia which uses the same terminology.

1. An amalgamation of Devnagari ‘Ra’ and Roman ‘R’

The symbol is a perfect blend of Devnagari Ra and Roman R, the letters derived from the word ‘Rupiah’ in ‘Hindi’ and ‘Rupees’ in ‘English’.

2. Shrio Rekha – The horizontal line of Devnagri script

While writing in Hindi, a horizontal line called Shrio Rekha is drawn which is also a unique feature of Devnagri script. The Rupee symbol preserves this feature of the Indian script.

3. The tricolor

The symbol has two horizontal lines with equal negative white space between them. It creates a background effect of three stripes (tricolor) which subtly represent the Indian national flag flying at the top.

4. Equality sign

The two horizontal lines also represent the arithmetic sign ‘equal to’ which signifies a balanced economy.

5. Harmony in design

Udaya Kumar designed the symbol keeping in mind the existing symbols of other currencies. It looks like a part of the symbol family while retaining its individuality at the same time.

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