5 Things That Will Make You Realize Life Goes On

You got fired from your job. Your heart got crushed, stepped on, and squashed. Trump’s romp on the political realm!

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To every heart, these incidents have bothered; positively or negatively depends on one’s perspective. Most of the people react vehemently to bad news example, throwing things at someone, using profane languages, crying (both sobs and shrieks), showing one’s strength by banging fists on objects or punching walls (which one regrets later), etc.

When a heart is struck, outpours the emotions of various colors and intensity.

This post is exclusively for those who are having or have had their share of bad moments.

1. The sun is going to shine just the same

Nature and human beings are interconnected by the course of actions; but have you ever seen a change in the environment that has lasted as long as your bad temper and subsided when yours has too?

The earth’s going to rotate the same way around the sun and it’s going to cast the same yellow rays at daylight and at night, moon and stars will replace it at night-sky.

The only thing you should be worried about is whether you’ve had enough sunblock or not.

2. Rain’s not going to bleed love

The only outcome you’re going to get from drizzle or heavy downpour is H20. The only other thing that should get your undivided attention is acid rain. That’s when it’s really going to bleed, love.

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3. The land will stay where it’s meant to be, under your feet

The only time that’s not going to happen is during an earthquake; on second thought, even then land stays under one’s feet, it’s just shaky that’s all.

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4. Mountains and hills won’t switch places

“I’ll move mountains” is a term only fit for someone as macho as Shree Hanuman (forget I’d mention any comic heroes, Superman is a mere man in front of him).

5. There will still be traffic jams

From morning till afternoon, lined up vehicles honking and the crowd chattering the complaints, nothing can make one return to reality than that long queue of automobiles and there’s nothing that should make you realize more than the blasted traffic jam that few things never change.

Things don’t change out of blue, just because you’re having your share of blues.

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Your shoulders already have the task of carrying your head; don’t burden them further by giving them unnecessary or fictional responsibilities. Your health is your supreme priority, anything else is just a traveling band; they’ll pass by.

If you’re alive, that means every day you’re given a new chance to live life the way you want it to be.

So, how do you choose to spend this day?