5 Must Visit Restaurant And Bars If You Plan To Go To Thamel

The center for tourist and most first-time visitor to Kathmandu will usually end up in Thamel. Here are the top 5 lists of Restaurant and Bar which are a must visit place, if you ever plan to visit Thamel.

1. The Nest

The “Nest” is a Pub followed by Acoustic Live Bands and Residential DJ-oriented to play some of the latest and nicest hits accompanied with good foods and drinks on house. The house theme is Neon and you will find some crazy distinctive arts by Pasapi in the entrance and inside the pub which makes Nest, a must visit place in Thamel.

2. Kava Restaurant & Bar

One can find Kava Restaurant & Bar in Fairfield Marriott Kathmandu, Thamel. You’ll be delighted with the international cuisine and drinks served in the restaurant and bar. It is open 24 hours a day to satisfy guest cravings whenever the mood strikes and the service provided are great.

3. Sheesha Terrace Bar

Sheesha shares an authentic experience that celebrates the diversity of wonderful Nepalese ingredients cooked with their flawless variety in drinks. The sound of music offered in Sheesha Bar makes it even more special and drive customers to come and visit the place again and again.

4. Reef Restaurant and Lounge Bar

Reef Restaurant and Lounge Bar is a semi-fine dining restaurant with a spacious lounge Bar situated on the 5th floor with great panoramic views of hills. It serves Italian, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine with great ambiance and sitting arrangement, and also has live band performed for the customer to enjoy.

5. Faces Lounge

Many faces with one hope to enjoy the night many young crowds enjoy spending their evening in Faces Lounge. Great food with great music makes the lounge livelier, followed by professional cameramen in the house. Perfect for those who enjoy good company accompanied by good food.

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5 Must Visit Restaurant And Bars If You Plan To Go To Thamel

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