September 17, 2020

6 Banned Indian Movies That You Should Strictly Watch Alone!

Hollywood has been famous for creating films with daring and romantic scenes. It is no surprise to watch simulated romantic scenes at a Hollywood film. They’re extraordinarily open-minded and always work to experiment with their movies.

The same holds for the entire world theater. However, such isn’t right for the Indian theater, the Bollywood industry. We usually stick to the mainstream Indian cinema, Bollywood. Bollywood is mostly famous for its typical ‘masala,’ romantic films or to get some cheap Hollywood to tear off activity films. It’s the biggest film industry in the world, it creates quite a few movies than any other nation’s theater.

The majority of us are only knowledgeable about industrial films, but there’s another kind of theater that the majority of us are not knowledgeable about. The Independent Indian cinema that takes on taboos uses daring and rough language, also offers the unsimulated romantic scenes for the sake of the movie’s authenticity. Many such movies aren’t popular since they’re not mainstream and also our censor board bans them censors them to the extent where the movie loses its importance. Because of this, the majority of the folks do not even know about the presence of those banned Indian movies.

The movies that you are going to watch below have actual bareness and simulated intimate scenes. Something you haven’t seen before in the Cinema. They comprise explicit love-making scenes that sparked a lot of controversies if they had published. A number of those banned Indian films extremely underrated, not-so-popular as another industrial film. The Independent cinema is constantly trying to push the envelope, show to the world which we’re able to make great thought-provoking movies, not only masala films.

1. Chatrak

The ‘Hate Story’ celebrity actor Paoli Dam sparked a controversy when she bared it all in the front of the camera. This Bengali movie features a 100% genuine oral landscape. The explicit scene involving Paoli Dam and Anubrata Basu portrayed in the movie, caused an uproar in India. The narrative follows a Bengali architect that yields to Kolkata after an absence of many decades. He also reunites his girlfriend Paoli, and they set out to locate Rahul’s brother, who’s thought to have gone insane and resides in the woods.

2. Gandu

This movie caused a lot of controversies and had heavily criticized because of its content. It sports excessive profanity, romantic scenes, and many more things that you do not wanna see your loved ones. Due to the scenes and language, the crowds have abandoned the movie in between, particularly when the lead actor of this movie shows his vertical will. It’s oral and simulated scenes involving Anubrata Basu and Rituparna Sen, the movie is directed at Rituparna’s boyfriend. The movie praised for its cinematography, visuals, also for its own black and white format.

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3. Cosmic Sex

Cosmic Sex is a 2014 art-house Independent Bengali Film; the movie addresses the link between physical closeness and spirituality. A troubled young guy Kripa who’s on the run from violence meets a girl who looks like his deceased mother. The girl gives him refuge and teaches him the value of love, intimacy, spirituality. Well like the above-mentioned pictures it includes love-making scenes. There is nothing particular about the film; the story is cheesy and adequate.

4. Sins

The movie tells the sensual journey of a Catholic priest who gets romantically involved with a young lady. On account of the contentious topless scenes and casting the Catholicism in a contrary manner, this movie banned. The film is based on the narrative of a Kerala priest who had sentenced to death for murder and harassment charges. The movie celebrities Shiney Ahuja and Seema Rahmani from the top roles, as the name goes, the movie comes with lots of sinfully explicit scenes that are bare.

5. The Pink Mirror

This movie explores the contentious topic of Indian transsexuals. The Indian censor board banned the movie calling it offensive and vulgar. The movie received rave reviews throughout the world and won several awards for its exploration of this taboo topic in a touching way.

6. Kama Sutra – Tale of Love

Is not it ironic how a movie that investigates the topic of Kama Sutra is prohibited in the realm of Kama Sutra? This Mira Nair led artwork film won many awards all around the planet. However, our censor board could not digest the excess bareness portrayed in the movie as the saying of this narrative. It is among the most famous banned Indian film.

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