6 Bollywood Actresses Who Were Pregnant Before Getting Married

Henry Ward Beecher says, “Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” Well said sir! Children are a bliss in anybody’s life, especially for their mothers. However, if a woman becomes pregnant before marriage, it becomes the talk of the town and the same child turns into a source of misery for many. Blame it on an entrenched illiberality in society or celebrity image, Bollywood actors too either deny it or tie the knot with their love in a hush-hush way to avoid the raised eyebrows of the people.

Hollywood has mostly been candid about their pregnancies from Jessica Alba to Angelina Jolie. They reported their pregnancies much before they announced their weddings. So what stops the Bollywood celebs? Let’s take a look at some of the Bollywood actresses who got pregnant before marriage, but shied away from accepting it in the public.

1. Veena Malik


“Big Boss” famed controversial actress Veena Malik’s ex-boyfriend, Prashant Pratap Singh, claimed that she was pregnant with his child but had to opt for abortion as they were not yet prepared to take on such a huge responsibility. He alleged that she went to Dubai and got married while they were still in a serious live-in relationship. Well, she remains true to her nature: controversial!

2. Sridevi


When Sridevi announced her marriage to Boney Kapoor, she was, reportedly, seven months pregnant.Sridevi’s relationship with Boney Kapoor was already under the scanner due to the fact that Boney was already married.

Sridevi was, perhaps, the only actress who publicly accepted the fact that she was pregnant before her marriage. Nevertheless, she claimed that she got married to Boney Kapoor on June 2, 1996, but they announced it in January 1997. In other words, she was married while conceiving the child. Oh really! Sometimes truth is not all about statistics.

3. Konkona Sen Sharma


When Konkona Sen,daughter of filmmaker Aparna Sen, married with her 3 years old lover Ranvir Shorey in September 2010, many were wondering about the simplicity of the vows and the hush-hush way the marriage got conducted. Little was left to imagination when the images of a heavily pregnant Konkona appeared in one of the magazines.


Finally, nature spilled the beans when she became a mother in March 2011. She is one of the actresses who got pregnant before marriage and the world knew about it despite her trying to conceal the fact.

4. Mahima Chaudhary

Mahima Chaudhary at a shoot for film Mumbhai the Gangsters to support Anna Hazare at Kamalistan

Mahima Chaudhary married Bobby Mukherjee in a much private wedding ceremony in the year 2006. B-Town was still gossiping about the sudden news of her wedding when she announced her pregnancy. She soon gave birth to her baby daughter.

Mahima had had her dose of relationships and breakups, which were known to the Indian audience, but her pregnancy and sudden marriage was kept aloof from all and surprised us big time.

5. Celina Jaitley


Miss India and Miss Universe runner-up, Celina Jaitley romanced Dubai-based hotelier Peter Haag for quite some time before getting married to him. The marriage occurred in July 2011 and she gave birth to healthy twin sons in the following March. Well, one does not need rocket science to understand the plot of knot of marriage!

6. Amrita Arora


Amrita Arora, sister of Malaika Arora Khan, stupefied everybody with her marriage announcement as she never confessed dating anybody earlier. Her marriage with businessman Shakeel Ladak was completed almost secretly. It was not that difficult to guess that she was pregnant and therefore decided to marry in a hurried manner in a private ceremony. Announcement of baby’s arrival was soon enough to confirm the rumors going around.

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