6 Overrated Things You Need To Know Before Getting In A Relationship

Human beings have the habit of magnifying things that they are yet to experience.

Specifically, in a relationship, there are many things that are so hyped up that it brings disappointment when couples realize that there was truth in those overrated things.

Here is the spoiler alert for those who are yet to experience these things in real life.

First Kiss

Everyone thinks of the first kiss as the perfect kiss one can ever plant. Well, you can blame your imagination and movies for such hype. It is most likely to be messy and if you happen to use your tongue, it is going to be more awkward. Kiss is simple and lowers your expectations. You will definitely get better with time.


Again, due to watching too many movies where actresses seduce and undress in the best way possible with a slow-motion frame, you would expect your undressing session with your partner to be extremely arousal. In reality, it will happen in the blink of an eye and when you will think about it later, you are going to get pissed.

Losing V-Card

Losing the V-card for the girls is like the end of the world and a moment spent in heaven. It is exactly going to be the opposite as it is more likely to be painful than pleasure. You would wish that it gets over soon so that you do not have to ask your partner to stop and have a painkiller.


One of the worse things in a relationship is finding a soulmate. There is nothing called soulmate because a relationship can go down the drain anytime. We have seen so many love stories ending in complete divorce. Before you can show off on social media that you have finally found your soulmate after years of being in relationships with other boys or girls, you need to restraint and let the relationship flourish for years.


There is always a fantasy in boys and girls to go for a three-way and they would go all the way to get it done. The minority among the three is going to suffer tremendously as he or she can to handle so many sensations of hands and mouths all together and before he or she can start enjoying it, the person is going to reach the peak. This is only going to feel you with regrets and disgust rather than the dreamy sequence you imagined.

Wedding Night

If you thought the wedding night is going to be the day for the surreal experience, well, everyone needs to put a slow clap for you. People waste so much time planning the wedding night throughout their lives only to find the harsh reality on the wedding night. In most cases nothing will happen as both of you will be tired.