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6 Self-Defense Techniques That’ll Come Handy For Girls Out There!

The crime rate against women is increasing every year across the countries of the world. They are generally considered to be weaker and that is why wicked men prey upon them. Starting from eve-teasing, public harassment to molestation and even rape, there is no dearth of activities in the mind of the offenders.

That is why it is important for women to learn some self-dense techniques not only to protect themselves but also to teach the attackers some lessons for their lifetime.

1. When Touching You At Odd Places

There would be times when the attackers will try to touch you in odd places continuously. You can suffer such physical harassment in busy places as well. In such a scenario, you have to get hold of the attacker’s hand and split the finger from the middle. It may or may not fracture the fingers but the pain will definitely get him on the ground.

2. When Grabbing From Behind

There be a situation when the attacker gets you in a tight bear hug and may feel you up sexually. In such a scenario, you have to grab his leg(one) from the below and pull it forward such that he loses his balance and falls down on the ground. Once he does, he becomes vulnerable and then you can take your action like getting away from the place or teach him more lessons by attacking his vulnerable points.

3. When Grabbing From The Side

When the attacker starts to grab you from the side and this happens when there are multiple attackers present, you have to use your elbow to good effect. If you can reach out to his nose and eye with your elbow, go for it. Outside target his collarbone with your elbow to make a high-impact blow because it is a vulnerable point for men. He will lose his coordination for a few moments and might bend slightly which will give you the opportunity to punch his face.

4. When Grabbing From The Front

When the attacker is experienced and daredevil, he might confront you and try to molest and harass you sexually. It becomes easy for you to teach him a lesson by hitting his groin area with your knee. This is the most vulnerable point and a knee strike there will temporarily paralyze him. He is likely to go down on his knees in pain and you can superkick him in his face or throat region.

5. When Pushing You Against A Wall

It is a common scene that an attacker tries to push a wall against the wall so that she has no place to run. In such a situation, when you are against the wall, punch directly on his nose and then kick in his groin region. That will be enough to get him on his knees.

6. The Last Thing To Do

When you are too scared of doing anything, you need to get down on your knees and beg for mercy by holding his legs. But when you get the window of opportunity, give him a low blow. Hitting on the groin area may need some practice but a low blow from a kneel-down position is the easiest.

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6 Self-Defense Techniques That'll Come Handy For Girls Out There!

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