6 Clever Tips To Look Absolutely Perfect In Every Picture You Click!

Everybody wants to look perfect on camera. But actually all photos are not perfect because we don’t know how to look perfect in photos. We believe if you follow a few tips and rule you can look perfect on camera. To help you, below are some tips which help you to look great in photos.

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Strike a carefree pose

Making an ’S’ shape makes you look far more relaxed, and it’s better to put only your thumbs in your pockets rather than your entire hand.

Turn your body away from the camera by about three quarters

To look leaner, avoid having straight shoulders.

Be careful with your hands

Lower your shoulders

Make an angle with your shoulder rather than flat shoulder by doing this your neck seems longer and give an overall more relaxed impression.

Bend your knee

You just only to bend your knee a little and lower your shoulders. This will make you look both slimmer and more relaxed.

Tilt your head slightly

Always keep in my to turn your body slightly away from the lens.

Source: Brightside