7 Clever Tricks You Can Do To ‘Beat The Summer Heat’ And Stay Cool!

Due to global warming, the heat in the summers is rising higher every year. To beat the heat at home, you need to buy an air-conditioner. But not many people can afford it due to its high price and continuous higher electricity bill.

Furthermore, you cannot be at your home all the time. You have to go out to study, office, marketing, and other daily tasks. In such scenarios, you can be a little innovative and beat the heat like a pro.


If you have to buy products from the shop, instead of going to a local shop and standing there in the heat, you can go to a shopping mall and the centralized AC will be as comfortable as you can think of. If you are looking for a part-time job, get a job to be in the store at the shopping mall.


If you are an office worker and if your office has a centralized AC, you should go to the office earlier and leave it later. This will make you avoid the sun in the morning and in the evening.

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If the place you are going to has the metro facility, instead of a local bus or train, the metro is the best option. The reason is that metros are having ACs and you can stay away from the heat for some time being.


If you are in college and you have no class, you should not chill with your friends outside and get heated up. The library is the place that is always a cool place due to AC or excessive fans. Keeping it cool is essential for books and other items. Therefore, be a smart guy and hit the library.

Take A Break

Walking in the sun during the summertime is painful and if you are totally drained, you should find a nearby ATM and stay inside it for a few minutes. Therefore, always carry an ATM card with you and draw a few bucks or check the balance and enjoy the cool AC air.


A bank is another place where you can beat the heat as it is fully air-conditioned. You can go there and sit for a few hours. It should be a popular and rather crowded bank so that no one notices you that you are taking the space for so long. Keep a bank book with you and if someone inquires, get the book updated.

Find A Friend

Even though it is mean but we all have a friend who either has an AC at home or in the car. You need to pay more time with him and beat the summer at his expense. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

If nothing works, open your fridge and stand in front of it and get some momentary respite.