October 29, 2020

7 Little Things About Your Appearance That Makes You Less Unattractive

Our appearance is everything for everyone else to form a first impression of us. In this wide fashion world, there is no dearth of things to try out to make you look fashionable and attractive. But there are certain deceptively small things about our appearance that can project a wrong impression to the rest of the world.

It does not matter how expensive your dress it or how much time you take to prepare the groom and dress, it is always the small things that spoil the broth.

Here are such little things you should take care of to project the best image of yourself.

Black and White

When you dare to wear white or black dresses, you are certainly going to attract a lot of attention. But if they are not perfect in color which means your white dress is yellowish or your black dress is greyish, you will look unrefined and dirty. Wash your cloth and choose the color perfectly so that it is pure and glossy white or pitch black.

Faded Clothes

Faded clothes are in the trend in the fashion world but they look good only when celebs put them on. You cannot wear the same to expect others to take you seriously. Faded clothes give the impression of being too casual and unfashionable. Faded clothes also look dirty and worn out. Avoid them and go for all those colors that are vibrant and look thoroughly vibrant all the time. If you are addicted to wearing faded ones, make sure the design is different and classic.


Some boys and especially girls have the habit of showing off their accessories to the public. It is all good when it is less in number but if you are wearing too many accessories, you will look like an accessory shop yourself. They are extremely distracting and portray a negative image.

Rolling Up Sleeves

It is true that some people look great when they roll up their sleeves perfectly. If you are having too much hair on your hands, you will look awful. Furthermore, if you roll up your sleeves clumsily, you will project a negative impression of yourself.

Unkempt Beard

Keeping long and thick beard is a thing now. But your beard and mustache require proper grooming just like your hair. The unkempt beard makes you look old and unattractive. You may look homeless. Therefore, get them in shape and make them shine with gel as well.

Saggy Pants

In the movies or when celebs try them out to look cool, saggy pants do look great on them. But in real life, it sucks completely. It is better to buy jeans that fit your size so that you can proudly show your curves and people can get attracted instantly. It also improves your posture and confidence.

Attention To Details

A tear in your dress, lipstick on your teeth, a piece of food stuck in your teeth, yellow teeth, dandruff on your dress, biting nails and various such things are going to create a negative impression and make your unattractive. Examine yourself in the mirror minutely.

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