September 28, 2020

7 Things Nepalese People Needs To Change About Themselves Right Now!


I have traveled the world and I am well aware what image people conjure up in their minds when they hear the word “Nepali” and also seeing the daily show put on by our politicians, businessmen, administrators and neighbors I found some things which are best to be done away with.

1. Avoidance of Responsibility

Grow up and take responsibility for what you do. Stop passing the buck and own up your mistakes and actions. A society needs technocrats, accountants, and bureaucrats to be able to survive but in order to succeed and develop it needs a leader.

Have the gumption to be able to do that. Be the change you want to see in the world. The streetlight on the road is broken? Instead of complaining about it to your colleagues why not pick up the phone and complain to the right authorities?

2. Ridiculing the Very Country You Live In

We should take pride in it. Despite mixture in terms of demographics, religion, region, the climate there is unity. We prefer imported goods because according to us our goods lack quality. Well, aren’t we the ones who produced them in the first place?

If we get over our “Chali Halcha ni” attitude we can go places. Instead of tearing each other down let us build up one another. If we can’t respect our own nation how can we expect someone else to?

Patriotism is not celebrating one special day once a year but celebrating it throughout the year by doing something for the nation in our own little ways we can.

3. Self-Serving Nature

We as a nation have the misfortune of being one of the most plundered and damaged country both economically and emotionally which is the reason for our high insecurities. We need to move on and be more sensible. Instead of fighting over petty issues like caste, the race we need to think about the whole society.

Personally I don’t believe in charity and I can’t ask people for the same. But I believe in unity and teamwork and I behest that.

4. Aping like an Ape

We give an ape a tough competition when it comes to imitating. This has only led to the eroding of our values.

Instead of blindly following just because everyone is, why shouldn’t we follow something we believe in? And while we are becoming the artificial West, not littering public places among many others.

5. Giving Oneself Airs

Another typical Nepalese attitude is bragging, be it education or money. Nobody is interested except for some bored people who have nothing better to do but sit around. You are not studying, marrying or earning money to prove something to the society, you are doing that for yourself so why is it necessary to broadcast it.

Why can’t you do something just because you enjoy it and not worry about how that will affect your image and how will you come off looking?

6. Being a Coward

Nepalese still are a pack of timid humans. Starting from our birth, all our life choices are made from the fear of the morbid question, “Samaj le k bhancha?” The clothes we wear, the education choices we make, our living styles, everything is done from this fear.

We grow up we are afraid to raise our voices against injustice and then it never stops. We live only once and there is no point in living if we can’t be who we really are just from the fear of being an outcast in the society or just because we can’t enjoy our rights and liberties.

Even if we are not being crushed we have to help because someday we can be the ones. We need to break these shackles in order to be truly free.

7. Being a Hypocrite

No one practices what they preach because it is easier said than done. If all my life I have done something worth applauding than it is this- I don’t preach until I practice. In order to quit being a hypocrite- either preach something, you can follow or don’t preach.

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