Japanese Actresses Showcases Incredible 72 Years In A Life Of A Woman

Many times, Japanese commercials are designed around a single star. You get a famous, good-looking idol or domestic actor, or maybe a charming foreign celebrity, point the camera at them and let them be their photogenic selves.

The whole video, which has already amassed over 2 million views on YouTube, is set to a whimsical song that sings of saying goodbye to previous phases of one’s life, which apparently doesn’t necessarily culminate at 72 for the Japanese.

But an ad from Japanese confectioner Glico, that’s as tear-jerking as it is jaw-dropping, goes the completely opposite route, taking its lead role and divvying it up between 72 different actresses. Why 72?

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Because the average life expectancy in Japan is 71.8 years, and so the video, titled 71.8-Second Life, swaps in a new actress every second (once its time-flow gets underway at the 0:14 mark), with each woman representing a different year of life.


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