8 Amazing First Date Tips You Can Try Without Hurting Your Wallet

What comes to your mind when I use the word first date? Well, the obvious feeling thing we get is a mixture of excitement, nervousness and thinking about what will happen there. Love is the most beautiful feeling that one feels and the first date is like an initial step to begin your love life with the one you are actually in love with.

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In my opinion, your first date should be full of excitement, interactive where you both can get to know each other and one should be genuine while expressing themselves. As whatever one experiences on their first date whether its the good one or bad one, the complete image of the day one holds life long in there mind. As rightly said by Thich Nhat Hanh:

Present moments are the only moments available to us, and it is the door to all moments.

The first date is not all about giving expensive gifts to each other and impressing each other with expensive brands or dresses, cars and taking out each other to expensive hotels for dinner and telling all fake stories but its all about spending time with each other in the most beautiful and simple way by just being yourself.

When people tell their stories that what all they did on there the first date that might many a time sound very expensive for you but don’t worry as here are most inexpensive and beautiful first date tips that will make your date most memorable day of your life and run out to be the best day of your life.

1. Cook Together

Well, one of the sweetest and simple thing that you can do on your date is a plan to cook together that will bring you both closer and you will be able to spend more time with each other as while cooking you may knowing a variety of things about each other for eg there likes and dislikes.

2. Play game

Well if you and your partner both are game lovers then the best strategy to build a healthy bond between you both would be to arrange for a game which will obviously get you both closer and trust me it will be the best time that you will spend together and well even your competition can turn out to be sexy.

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 3. Ice Creams

Well, I don’t think there would be anyone who would not like to eat ice cream so rather than just sticking at one restaurant try to switch to the best Ice Cream Parlor of your area and try different flavors of it as it would be fun trying different flavors.

4. Gazing Stars

Pack some food and go for a long walk at night with some beautiful songs on your playlist and lay back and gaze stars at night well nothing can be better and romantic than this.

5. Bonfire – creates an awesome first date experience which is unforgettable

On a starry night with beautiful songs on your playlist just you and your date and you can try different things like playing games and dancing as this will break the ice wall between you both and you can get free and talk to each other in a better and romantic way. Don’t you think these are really romantic first date tips?

6. Visit an Aquarium on the first date

Well, a place full of fishes, turtles and tiger shark well there can’t be a place more romantic then Aquarium due to its dim light or dark room and beautiful light coming from those fish tanks and between all these, he will notice how beautiful you look.

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7. Visit carnival on the first date

Try some candy and ask him to win some prizes for you and take a ride of Ferris wheels will this will add sweet memories to your date and that will bring your inner child and trust me you will have a lot of fun.

8. Plant Trees

Well, the best thing that you can do on your first date is that you can plant trees. As with this act, your partner will appreciate your love, care, and commitment towards mother earth and in exchange, you will enjoy the company of working with him.

Isn’t it romantic? What you have to say about your first date? Do share your first date tips to add to this article.

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8 Amazing First Date Tips You Can Try Without Hurting Your Wallet

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