September 19, 2020

8 Best Job Sites In Nepal To Get The Switch Over You Always Wanted

In Nepal people are obsessed with mobiles and computers where most of net savvy person are on internet and job portal has made it easier for both job seeker and employers regarding employments.

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Keeping in mind demographics and comfort of most of millennial with internet, most of employers choose job portals for posting their vacancies in the anticipation of attracting suitable candidates to their organizations.

Here are the lists of top job portals if you are searching for job in Nepal:

1. People2People Nepal

(P2P) is a Human Resource Management Solutions, established in 2002, to provide effective solutions to HR ordeals. P2p is an aid organization in understanding, developing, implementing and quantifying the effectiveness of their human resources.

Phone No: 01-5539788


2. Ramro Job

It is one of the leading and growing job portals in Nepal. It is a product of Creative Job Pvt. Ltd. RamroJob is covering almost every job in Nepalese job market with free job posting service to job provider

Phone No: 01-4416311


3. MeroJob

Since inception in 2009, the portal has turned out to be number one jobs provider in Nepal with 100 million+ page views with 2.5 million+ progressive visits every month, created 150,000+ success stories and registered 350,000+ job seekers in our database.

Phone No: 01-4106700


4. Jobs Nepal is the largest locally focused employment website in the nation. It offers services to the recruiting and job-seeking community in Nepal – and abroad, for those seeking Nepalese talent – entirely within a reasonable for 18 years in the market.

Phone No: 01-5547709


5. Kumari Jobs operates under the umbrella organization First Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd, a Kathmandu-based leading human resource consulting firm operating since 2014. First Job Nepal Pvt. Ltd. offers practical solutions in the field of HR, recruitment and placement services.

Phone No: 01-4478845


6. Kantipur Jobs

It is an expertise on human resources solutions and has been providing Human Resource Management and related solutions to organizations across the country since 2012. The company is involved in committed to provide the best services to clients and job seekers in different field and profession of varied diversity of candidates.

Phone No: 01-4251599


7. Jobs Dynamics

Jobs Dynamics Pvt. Ltd (JD) is a 360-degree human resources services offering firm headquartered in Kamalpokhari–Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu offering recruiting, training, consulting, outsourcing and complete human resource solutions at various levels.

Phone No.: 01-4432458


8. Growth Sellers

With a decade of experience in recruitment services, Growth Sellers has already worked with hundreds of companies and provided job placement for thousands of people. To continue this trend in effective and easy way, it has introduced its new job site where candidates can register for free and enjoy searching jobs.

Phone No.: 01-5520999


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