September 19, 2020

8 Struggles That Every Fat Nepali Girl Would Go On A Daily Basis

Every person is different. Different shapes and different sizes. They are wonderful in their own ways. Yet our society has categorized human beings into specific specimens. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and so on. And larger the size, the greater struggles.

And the tussles are on every day, part of the daily routine, in order to surpass the societal norms and expectations.

Here are 8 struggles that every fat girl has to undergo on daily basis:

1. Wardrobe Malfunction

Fat girls need to choose one particular body part, either boobs or belly. If the clothes fit properly on upper body, the lower body would look shaggy and vice versa. It’s a tough ask. And moving around to get stuffs, is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

2. Big Size, Big Price

For some strange reasons, clothes for plus-size are ridiculously expensive. Especially, when it comes to ripped jeans. And worst part is sales person asking you to try on a size smaller than yours, because they don’t carry your size. Why aren’t there more varieties of clothing for a plus-size girl? And even get me started on getting the right bra size, it is herculean task to find that perfect bra size.

3. The Chair

Whoever designs those tiny chair at cafes are unknown to the real power struggle of a fat girl. How are you supposed to squeeze yourself in that diminutive chair seat?

4. Solace or Sarcasm

Those times when a person passes on comments such as “you’re sexy,” we are confused whether it was a complicate or a sarcastic statement.

5. Please come up with more creative nicknames for us

I am tired of hearing the word “Moti.” You either come up with something creative or just shut your mouth.

6. My belly, my choice

I eat, therefore, my belly is big. Don’t ask me, are you pregnant!?

7. Trial Room

The mammoth task of getting yourself into trial-rooms at store or those tiny toilets at some restaurants, is something a slim person would never understand. We can’t fit in those places!

8. Being vegetarian has nothing to do with being fat

For all those people who thinks, if a person is vegetarian, he/she should be slim is just a myth. Having given up on meats, doesn’t necessarily make you slim.

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