9 Beautiful Countries You Have Not Heard Their Names For Sure

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Most of our knowledge is reserved within the four walls of our house. We do not know the names of all the countries of the entire world. There are so many places which are unknown to us but their presence can never be denied. Here in this blog you will be able to learn about ten such countries.

1. Comoros

unknown countries around the world

It is an African Island. The location of this country is between Madagascar and Mozambique. It is an Islamic country.

Capital: Moroni

Area: 863 sq mi.

Population: 798,000

2. Nauru

little known country names that you have not heard

The other name of this country is Pleasant Island. It is a former German Empire colony. Football is their national game. They have seven football teams.

Capital: Yaren

Area: 8.1 sq mi.

Population: 14,019

3. Tuvalu

name the countries that people do not know

The monarchy of Queen Elizabeth II is reigned in this country. The people of this country spend no money on defense. Tuvalu is well-known as the fourth smallest country in the whole world. Polynesian people were the first inhabitants of Tuvalu.

Capital: Funafuti

Area: 10 sqmi.

Population: 12,373

4. Vanuatu

lesser known name of countries in the world

Fish is consumed by ninety percent of the total population of this country. The most famous tourist attraction in this place is Scuba diving. The economy of this country is affected by frequent earthquakes.

Capital: Port Villa

Area: 4,706 sq mi.

Population: 243,300

5. Nagorno-Karabakh Republic

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This country is situated between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Ninety-five percent of this total population is Armenian.

Capital: Stepanakert

Area: 4,424 sq mi.

Population: 110,000

6. Cook Island

unknown countries around the world

The name of this country is given by Captain James Cook who is a British Navigator. This country of governed by the system of self-governing parliamentary.

Capital: Avarua

Area: 91 sq mi.

Population: 19,569

7. Pitcairn Island

little known country names that you have not heard

This is a British colony. The national language of this country is a mixture of Tahitian and English.

Capital: Adamstown

Area: 18.1 sq mi.

Population: 50

8. Tokelau

little known country names that you have not heard

This country is consisted of 3 islands. The territory of Tokelau is located in New-Zealand. “North wind” is the meaning on the Polynesian word “Tokelau”.

Capital: None

Area: 5 sq mi

Population: 1,416

9. Guernsey

name the countries that people do not know

The United Kingdom takes the whole responsibility of this country. However, this country is not considered as a part of UK. Complete autonomy is possessed by them.

Capital: St. Peter Port

Area: 30 sq mi.

Population: 65,573

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