9 Signature Bollywood Dance That You Can Easily Learn The Steps To

The Indian Cinema Industry is a great source of inspiration for many aspiring actors, fashion designers, models, and dancers. Here are some famous dance steps that Bollywood has offered that is being used in different choreography from Sangeet to school concerts to stage shows.

1. Sun Protect Crane Step

Sun Protect Crane Step

The Famous stance from Bollywood where one stands like a crane and protects eyes from the glare of the hot sun.

2. The Hand Wave

The Hand Wave

A popular step with ladies to enhance their feminity, this step involves making sea waves on the dance floor.

3. Lungi Dance

Lungi Dance

This dance step rocked it all and has been a favorite among the boys in the Southern part of the country whose attire allows them to do this with ease.

4. The Thumka Step

The Thumka Step

This step involves making a series of steps with hip movement to show their grace in dance.

5. Traffic Police Move

Traffic Police Move

This signature move involves giving a stop sign, as usually used by the traffic police repeatedly, with both hands and lots of thrusts.

6. Gangnam Pelvic Thrust

Gangnam Pelvic Thrust

This is Bollywood’s take on Gangnam Style.

7. The Pelvic Thrust

The Pelvic Thrust

Though the late MJ was more well-known for the Pelvic thrust, the Bollywood actors are not far behind.

8. Scratch Your Head Step

Scratch Your Head Step

This is a dance step which probably came from people not washing their hair regularly! Luckily what also makes it popular is its simplicity.

9. Towel Dance

Towel Dance

This is another take on the Gangnam, this time Salman ala mode with a towel.