9 Surprising Beer Benefits That Might Encourage You To Have A Pint Tonight!

Ever since we’ve grown up we have been learning only one thing about beer and that is beer is an unhealthy alcoholic beverage whose consumption is harmful to health. But surprising as per scientific researchers, the beer carries with it a couple of health benefits that most of you are still unaware of.

No, we are not talking about perks of bringing out the worst dance moves or hidden secrets; we are talking about the actual beer benefits that would make you love to consume beer in a moderate manner.

So, toast to your body with these nine benefits.

P.S: By moderate, we mean only one pint for women and two for men.

Beer consumers live longer

As per science, it is said that moderate drinkers live longer than drinkers and teetotallers. While considering alcohol, beer is a perfect choice as it carries lower alcohol content as compared to other alcoholic drinks like wine or spirits.

Heart Protector

Yeah! Too much beer or any alcohol consumption can land you into many things, can cause esophageal cancer and many other problems but moderate drinking does no harm to the body. In fact, beer is as heart-healthy of a beverage that helps cut the risk of heart diseases if taken in normal amounts.

You become creative than ever

Maybe this is the best reason than any to toast to your health. Everyone knows that beer brings out the “Inner you” and you think ‘Out of the box’ after you’ve polished off a glass or pint and this happens because beer boosts our creativity and gets our innovative juices flowing.

Protection from Alzheimer’s disease

It is believed that a compound added in the beer to increase its flavor is helpful in protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders.

Beer is a natural beverage

While many of you still think that beer contains preservatives, beer is a natural beverage (like milk) without any additives. It’s just that beer is only processed so as to make it ready for drinking, just the way bread is cooked to make it available for consumption.

Low in calories, fats, and carbohydrates

Who told beer is loaded with calories? Well, as per studies the only natural beverages that carry lesser calories than beer are water, black coffee, and tea which makes it very clear that the soda drinks and a healthy apple we are munching carry more calories than beer. Also, the beer carries 12 grams of carbohydrates/ 12-ounce of serving and as per standard allowance, we could take 300 grams in a day to reach that proper nutrition level. So, now you must have got what I am trying to say!

Improves cholesterol levels

Beer who has no cholesterol is shown to help reduce or improve the cholesterol levels of our body. Well, moderate drinking of beer might tilt your HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels the right manner.

Beer is loaded with Vitamin-B

The unfiltered beer is shown to be pretty nutritious as it is enriched with greater levels of B vitamins including folic acid that helps avoid heart attack risks.

Beer can help to have stronger bones

This is one amazing reason to have a pint of beer. It is said that high levels of silicon in beer can contribute to having greater bone density and further stronger bones.