10 Wonderful Things You Should And Could Achieve Within Your Lifetime

Every person on this earth has a things-to-do list that they want to accomplish in their lifetime. Some get fulfilled, some don’t. The important thing is to work towards making your wishes a reality. Do not just keep postponing them. They behave as life is not going to end ever, and they have got a hell lot of time to complete the things that they wish to do.

Unfortunately, life is too short. It’s vicious truth that we can be history at any time. There is no guarantee of life. So, it’s prudent to start doing the things that are our aspiration and you can definitely achieve these things before you die.

These wonderful things are quite possible if you apply yourself with determination and hard work:

1. Become A Millionaire


Every person wants to be rich, so are you, right? Are you curious to have the feeling of being rich? Want to know how does it feel when you have money in your bank account? Don’t just feel it in thoughts, in the dreams, instead, make it happen. I know it’s not an easy task to earn money and become a millionaire. But believe me, if you try, then there are chances of you becoming a millionaire, but if you will not try, then there is not even a single chance in this aspect. No, no miracle can make you millionaire, sorry!

2. Tell People What They Mean To You


We humans always hide our emotions. Not all, but most of us do that, agree? If there is any person whom you love, respect a lot, then don’t hide it in your heart, tell that person what he/she means to you. Tell all people what they mean to you.

3. Sky Diving


Sky diving is the ultimate adventure. If you are someone who loves doing something adventures in life, then this one is must do. The moment you dive out of the plane, adrenaline rushes through your body. If you are worrying that it would take lot of time to practice and learn the techniques, then let me tell you. There are many professional companies who let you experience this and you jump with an expert pilot. You can even skydive on Mount Everest.

4. Go on a Blind Date


Yeah, this is a hell lot of fun to do. Just go on a blind date. Ask any of your friends to set a blind date for you with a stranger. Go with that stranger, date him/her. The curiosity during this date will be at the peak. I bet that after the date, you will have an interesting, funny story with you.

5. Paint Some Graffiti


Bring outside the art in you. Show others what art you have got in you. Paint some graffiti. No just don’t care what others would think of your graffiti. Do whatever you want to do. Do as no one is seeing you, observing you.

6. Help Someone Without Hoping Anything In Return


I’m quite sure that you have helped many people in your life. But, let me ask you how many people have you helped without hoping anything in return? Zero? This is what I expected from most of you. Before you die, please get time to help someone without hoping, wanting anything in return, Believe me, it will give you inner satisfaction. Nothing can compete with this satisfaction.

7. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World


God has made this earth very beautiful. The beauty of the world is always defined by talking about the seven wonders. You might have seen those wonders in TV, in images, etc., but before you die, you must visit them in real. I know this is a bit expensive, but if you make this as your goal, then I bet that you can achieve it.

8. Watch Movies

ADWDGT Couple sitting on sofa watching television with bowl of popcorn smiling

Everyone likes to get entertained by watching movies, right? Do you also like to watch movies? If yes, then it’s quite likely that the hope of watching the best movies hit your mind at some point. Before you die, make sure to watch all the best movies that you always wished to see. You can entertain yourself in this way and can fulfill your desire.

9. Invent Something


Ever got hit with a unique idea, but could not implement it because of silly excuse? Don’t create any silly excuses anymore. Implement what you have in your mind. Who knows you might get immortal in history because of your invention?

10. Do Something Funny, Something Stupid


A kid lives in every heart, agree? Don’t keep that kid asleep just because of the formalities of this money-minded world. Bring the kid outside of you, and do something funny, something stupid. Become a point of attraction to many by doing so.