12 Actresses Who Broke Beauty Stereotypes Going Bald

Celebrities who went bald are the perfect example that a bare head doesn’t diminish someone’s beauty. In fact, sometimes it even enhances it.

Full volume hair is the basic requirement of beauty. Hair is associated with popular beauty standards. Going bald is certainly not the ideal condition when you are trying to make your mark in the mainstream media.

And women aren’t associated with clean shaved heads. These female celebrities don’t care about the stereotypes and stood out with their bold decisions. Here are few such actresses who went bold with going bold:

Sanaa Lathan

sanaa lathan

Cara Delevinge

cara delevinge

Amandla Stenberg

amandla stenberg

Brianna Hildebrand

brianna hildebrand

Actresses Working Out Will Make You Hit The Gym Straight Away!

Cate Blanchett

cate blanchett

Demi Moore

demi moore

Joey King

joey king

Karen Gillan

karen gillan

Natalie Portman

natalie portman

Sigourney Weaver

sigourney weaver

Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

Danai Gurira

danai gurira

Which of the actresses do you think looks better with the shaven head?

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12 Actresses Who Broke Beauty Stereotypes Going Bald

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