10 Things That Suggests You Are ‘Big-Time’ Addicted To Makeup

It all started with your Mom’s lipstick, and look at you now, you are a pro at it. Was it love at first sight? Or did you developed it gradually? Whatever the case may be, the truth is you are a makeup lover. You believe that every woman should enhance her beauty more, and shouldn’t keep any stone unturned to look ravishing by decking up in makeup.

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If you have a special corner for those pretty make up things in your dresser, then read on to relate about something that you are really passionate about.

1. You feel a sense of confidence when you are decked up with full makeup on

You look pretty, and that is what boosts confidence in you. With makeup on your outer beauty now matches your inner beauty!

2. You feel naked when you don’t apply makeup

You feel incomplete without makeup on your face. It has now become an essential part of your everyday look, so it’s hard to live without it in most circumstances.

3. Your friends have barely seen you without makeup on

You don’t step out without makeup on. Even when you are celebrating a pajama party, you make it a point to at least apply kohl and lip gloss.

4. Your lust for new makeup is never-ending. When you go shopping you are always looking for that one lip color or mascara pencil that is on the verge of getting over in your makeup box

Your eyes always twinkle whenever you see some new makeup launch in the market. You have a lot of it, still, you are hungry for more. And, obviously, you don’t want to run out of your favorite shade of makeup and buy it before it gets over.

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5. You fancy all sorts of makeup brushes and tools and are like your prized possession

You have a number of lip, foundation, blush, bronzer, eye, brushes in your dresser from no brands to all branded! It’s like you can open a small shop of your own now.

6. YouTube makeup channels are your teachers, and you’ve tried and tested all their tutorials

You’ve YouTubed makeup application and learned some of the latest trends from Youtube! Beauty bloggers are your guru. You follow them blindly and always have your eyes glued on their YouTube channel.

7. You are the only Makeup Artist your friends know

You are your friend’s one-stop-shop for makeup requirements. They borrow from you and sometimes make you there MUA.

8. You follow your skincare regime as a ritual

As you apply makeup daily, so, to counterfeit the ill effects, you keep up with your https://junglefitnessoc.com/accutane-for-sale/ skincare regime. And, never ever sleep with your makeup on! That’s your only rule.

9. You are always on the look for you foreign friends-relatives to get you some limited-edition makeup not available here

Your non-resident Nepalese friends/relatives know what to gift you. And, never have to ask as to what you want when they are coming down to Nepal!

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10. You feel every girl should put makeup to enhance her beauty

You know every girl is pretty, but enhancing those beautiful features can do no harm, right?. And, you strictly stick to only makeup, not Fake up!

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