11 Alien Existence Theory And Conspiracies That Should Get More Public Discussions

A life that originates outside Earth, the alien life, has been a source of fascination to the higher cognitive human brain. It is a topic that draws the interests of both scientists and common man, alike. The search for signs of non-human civilizations has been going on for quite a long time. The last century has seen numerous scientists interested in alien life, with an increasing number of them voicing their opinions on extraterrestrial beings.

There are those who believe that some microbes on Earth may be derived from alien civilizations, while there are others that claimed new research showing that human life started somewhere other than the planet earth. Aliens could be simple single-celled organisms or could be civilizations more advanced than human beings. There are many who consider that it is not viable for life not to exist somewhere other than Earth, while there are others who question the evidence in that favor.

With so many of these theories purely controversial in nature, it is hard to say whether these life forms are as fascinating as they sound or just hypothetical beings!

Principle of Mediocrity

This principle suggests that Earth is an average planet with an average history. That implies there should be more planets out there with similar histories, even including a history of life! If we are to assume that we are uniquely fit to communicate and contact other life forms, then it is a violation of the Copernican principle in time as we honor it in space. It is more likely that life on other planets exhausted long ago, or that it is just starting or that it may not be recognizable to us at all? Any possible explanation for this could end up accounting for one un-Copernicus theory.

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Fermi Paradox

Physicist Enrico Fermi postulated the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates. The basic points of the argument were –

  • Billions of stars in the galaxy are similar to the Sun and many of them are billion years older than Earth.
  • It’s highly probable that some of these stars will have Earth-like planets and some might even develop intelligent life.
  • Some of these civilizations might have developed interstellar travel, a step at which the Earth is.
  • Even at this pace of the current envisioned interstellar travel, Milky Way galaxy could be fully traversed in a few million years.

On this line of reasoning, the Earth should have been visited by extraterrestrial aliens already by now. Fermi raises the question of why no such visit has been made to date. Many attempts to explain the Fermi paradox have been made, primarily suggesting that extraterrestrial life is extremely rare or proposing the possibility that they have not visited Earth yet.

Zoltan Istvan’s take on the Fermi Paradox

Zoltan Istvan, trans-humanist and 2016 US presidential candidate, takes the Fermi paradox to the next level through this short essay that offers a possible answer to the question of no show up to date. He puts one of the basic concepts of Physics, ‘singularity’ at blame. Because of the high rate at which singularity accelerates change, many aliens must be trillions of times more intelligent than humans. Istvan’s point is if they are that smarter, why would they notice, or even care about our existence!

Have the camera set to infinity

On digging through the CIA documents for articles related to the agency’s own UFO projects from the 1940s and 1950s, staff writer Jordan Pearson found the instruction manual to capture the picture of a UFO for analysis. It lists all the steps to capture proof of alien life using an old film camera or even the latest DSLR kit.

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Where did the Black Knight satellite disappear?

In 1899, Nikola Tesla claimed to have heard from a 13,000-year-old alien artifact in orbit around Earth. He mentioned his deep conviction that highly intelligent beings exist on Mars. Conspiracy theorists have since then been on the lookout for the Black Knight Satellite but in vain!

On the Hunt For Aliens In the Valley of the UFOs

There is a UFO watchtower in the town of Hooper in Colorado at the location which is also considered as the Bermuda Triangle of the West. Host to an extreme number of extraterrestrial sightings, this is a great place to find people staring at the skies.

Asking for undue attention?

Scientists have been trying in multiple ways to communicate with alien civilizations now. One scientist raises the question of risks associated with broadcasting our location to possibly hyper-violent and super-intelligent beings. That could probably be the end of the human race!

Dyatlov Pass incident – the strangest unsolved mystery of the past

Way back in 1959, there was a report of nine skiers mysteriously disappearing in the infamous Dyatlov pass of Russia and later found to have gruesomely perished. Exact causes for the deaths are still unclear but trace shreds of evidence suggest foul play (possibly involving aliens).

Hypothetical Alien Megastructures

Astronomers hypothesized that a high-tech alien megastructure was orbiting the star KIC 8462852. The reason to believe it to be a massive alien megastructure was that it had defied most conventional explanations. The hunt still continues for the alien civilization that built it.

Aliens might be out there as sophisticated robots

Remember the lean green colored figures that aliens are usually represented as?  A group of astronomers and philosophers now believe that they may appear as robots, much more sophisticated than us humans, and could outsmart us in every way possible.

New kind of UFO Hunters

UFO hunters have been portrayed as paranoids who love conspiracies to an extent that they advocate pseudoscience over everything else. Of late, few modern UFO trackers are trying to change that. Well, fingers crossed!

In recent years, search for extraterrestrial life has become an increasing fascination for the scientific community partly because of new technology that enables a more thorough search for other habitable zones in the cosmos. With a majority of the scientists now starting to believe in the idea of alien life forms, it seems the time isn’t far away when UFO skepticism could directly point to mere ignorance!