Americans Try ‘Frooti’ For The First Time, Watch How They Reacted

american reacts frooti

Frooti is a popular brand in South Asia created by the makers of Parle-G which is another popular biscuit brand of India. In India, there is a huge demand for Frooti and that is why a popular YouTuber called Rickshawali came up with an idea to share this awesome taste with Americans.

Previously Rickshawali also did the same survey with Hajmola (Tangy Digestive Tablets) and many other funny surveys. You can watch more videos of Rickshawali on her YouTube channel.

The Amazing Stories Behind How Your Favorite Food Got Its Name

Check out this video where Americans trying Frooti for the first time and how the reacted to its taste. Most of them liked it a lot with a 9/10 rating with a joyful expression.

Do you love Frooti?