Anastasia Blinova Conquers The World Of Power-Lifting At The Age Of 19

Anastasia Blinova – young swimmer, weightlifter, and powerlifter became viral after a snap of her graduation flew over the whole Internet. Anastasia started her sporting career at the age of 7 from swimming. She tried to attain Masters of this sport till she was 17. Next was the year of powerlifting.

A year and a half ago Blinova took up weightlifting that she is engaged into the present day.

The Moscow-based graduate is only 19, but she has already reached some significant junior trophies in swimming and weightlifting.

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A year and a half ago Blinova took up weightlifting which she is engaged into this day. Recently Anastasia graduated from the sports and pedagogical college of Moscow with honors – now she is a qualified teacher in physical education.

Of course, Anastasia’s page on Instagram gathered loads of admirers singing odes to the wonder of her legs and forms.

The young sensation isn’t disciplinarian to any diets for building the shape of her dream. She says coaching intensively what inevitably offers her the correct to eat no matter she wants.

Hope that isn’t the last time you hear regarding this Russian beauty and her sporting career would reach even higher. From being labeled as the biggest school girl to being a prominent name on the powerlifting scenes, Anastasia has come a long way in such a short span of time.

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Anastasia Blinova Conquers The World Of Power-Lifting At The Age Of 19

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