November 28, 2020

Model Says She Was Bullied Over Her Naturally Large Chest And Curvy Looks

This model confesses her natural KK-cup breasts have grown so big that strangers bullied her in the street.

anastasiya berthier

Model and artist Anastasiya Berthier, from Moscow, Russia, says that she has always received negative attention for her curvy looks – ever since she was 10-years-old.

Even though Anastasiya insists her large chest is 100 percent natural, that hasn’t stopped cruel remarks from total strangers who boob-shame her.

anastasiya berthier

While growing up, her peers also bullied her because of her naturally huge cleavage.

anastasiya berthier

At the time, bullies would call her names like ‘fatty’ or ‘little piggy.’ The bullying got worse in 2006 when she had a sudden growth spurt in her breasts: A-B-cup size to an E-cup.

anastasiya berthier

Though many of her high school peers would pay more attention to her, some would react rudely about her appearance.

anastasiya berthier

And at one time, some classmates spread rumors that she had sex with them when she hadn’t. This increased her anxiety.

anastasiya berthier

Due to unrelenting bullying and low self-esteem, Anastasia resorted to unhealthy eating habits to shed the pounds.

anastasiya berthier

Despite her desire to lose weight, her bullies didn’t stop, even after leaving school.

anastasiya berthier

However, in 2017, after 11 years of bullying, some photographers loved her look and thus began her modeling career.

anastasiya berthier

Once she began doing lingerie photoshoots, her confidence skyrocketed. She started feeling good about her body instead of ashamed of it.

anastasiya berthier

Today, she shows off her 34KK boobs with pride. She also feels great about herself and confident in her own skin.

anastasiya berthier

Anastasiya now has more than 1 million followers across two Instagram accounts. Now, she is happy and more confident than ever.

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