Anukul Tells A Fascinating Story On The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence And Their Human Interactions

‘Anukul’ is a captivating story directed by Sujoy Ghosh. It is based on Satyajit Ray’s book, and it is genuinely fascinating, and you will totally love the movie. With ‘Anukul’, Ghosh endeavors to make a short film that passes on its significance through gestures rather than dialogue. The nuance supersedes the verbality, and in that lies the grandeur.

It is the tale of a man who hires a robot-human for his day by day tasks. The robot resembles a human, demonstrates like one and even thinks like one. Yet, in the race between modernization and ‘DIL’, the people will reliably have the high ground.

The film is set in a bleak future that keeps up its authenticity by displaying the surroundings as we probably are aware today, yet modern it is. The android-people are starting to take once again a wide range of occupations that prior utilized people. Obviously, they are robots who don’t take any ends of the week off. Who wouldn’t employ them?

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The social agitation against the robots is rising. There are challenges them by the people, yet it feels like an inevitable change that assumes control over the general public. From various points of view, this feels like the start of the modern transformation. The change that was staying put yet wasn’t invited by our kind.

The short film makes one consider the potential outcomes that are nearly turning into a reality. Ghosh’s frightful tone in a few sections of the film abandons you with a spooky inclination. It makes one think about that whether this is what’s to come we’re currently venturing into. At that point, the race for survival will turn much more ruthless, however, just for the individuals who are not willing to welcome it.

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