November 30, 2020

Aussie Girl Earns In ‘Six-Figures’ From Users Watching Her Play Games!

They earn millions without leaving their couches. Thousands of people tune in to watch them online. Yes! I am talking about bloggers who are making money from YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc. Blogging has become so popular that at least one of your friends is playing with money in the online world. Right?

We Are Living In A Simulation And Here’s The Proof

Meet the gamer girl who is earning money just by streaming herself playing video games. Yes! you read that right- ‘VIDEO GAME’. Isn’t it great? In fact, making money just by playing video games is a ‘dream job.’

This girl from Australia named Chelsea, and goes by the online avatar of xMinks, has beaten everyone in money-making. She is making the US $1000+ per hour just by playing games online.

Chelsea is a graduate in Pharmacy but she had a deep interest in computers and gaming. Initially, she had no idea that she can earn from computer games. But soon she figured out a unique idea to earn through online gaming. Chelsea started her YouTube channel just for fun and soon realized that people love watching her playing video games.

How exactly she makes money through gaming?

Chelsea tells that she earns money through subscriptions, advertisements, and sponsors. People watch her playing the game through live streaming and she gets paid for it.

Talking with the Sun she said:

“They [viewers] enjoy watching you, your personality, how you interact with them. It’s more hanging out with them rather than watching you play.”

Chelsea is also quite popular on Instagram and is no less than a celebrity. She has over 47 thousand followers on Instagram alone.

Her Setup

And you thought playing games is just for fun.

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