10 Reasons Why Australia Is The First Choice For Nepali Students

If you’re considering getting a foreign education, you must have wondered why Australia is such a popular destination for Nepali students. Are Nepalis simply following the herd, or are there some real benefits to studying in Australia?  

Well, there are several reasons why Nepali students often prefer Australia. Here are 10 reasons why Australia is the first choice for Nepali students:

Easy Availability Of Student Visas 

    Unlike some countries in the world, Australia is quite welcoming to immigrants. And for international students, Australia has a very simple and quick process to get a Student Visa. The financial requirements for getting the visa are also relatively relaxed compared to other countries such as the USA.  

    A Culturally Diverse Destination

     Australia is a veritable melting pot of diverse cultures. The country offers a great sense of security for Nepali students due to its tolerance for foreign cultures. You will also experience the joy of living in a truly multicultural society and participate in the different cultural facets of all these different cultures.  

    Varied Study Options 

    Australia has some of the best universities in the world in every field of study you can imagine. Whether you want to study medicine, become an engineer, or even learn a skilled trade to settle down in the country, you will find the perfect course to suit your needs and circumstances. 

    Quality Of Life

     Australia is known to have the most fun-loving and relaxed lifestyle in all English-speaking countries. Its natives are laid back and know how to enjoy a good day in the sun. 

     There are many things to do to enjoy a day off in Australia, and Australians strongly emphasize a good work-life balance. In general, Australia makes for a much happier lifestyle.  

    Internship Opportunities

     Educational programs in Australia have some diverse structures if you search properly. Many Australian institutes will offer internships along with educational degrees, which can give you a jump start into your professional career after getting the degree.  

    Readily Available Jobs — Both During And Post Study

    One of the most well-known benefits of studying in Australia is the potential to earn while studying. Most Nepalis studying abroad aim to pay their way through college, and Australian labor laws — especially now — are pretty lenient towards those with student visas. 

     Once you finish your degree, you can quickly get a temporary graduate visa. This visa allows you to continue staying in Australia and start a career in the sector you love.  

    The Beautiful Australian Outdoors

    Nepali students applying for an abroad education can often overlook the simple beauty of the Australian outdoors. But here’s the truth — the ease of navigating the immigration system isn’t everything when studying abroad. Once you’re there, you have to fit into the sights and sounds of the place.

    Australia is better than most when it comes to the environment. There are countless beaches to relax on a day off, and you can have awe-inspiring experiences while diving at the Great Barrier Reef. You can enrich your life by experiencing all that the natural goodness of Australia has to offer.  

    Low Cost Of Living 

    Compared to the quality of life it offers, Australia has lower living expenses than many other countries in the Western world. Combined with the healthy wages you can earn as an international student, living as a student in Australia is much easier. At the same time, there are so many accommodation choices to offset your costs of living — like student villages, homestays, share-houses, and more.  

    Abundant Scholarship Programs 

    The Australian government has a huge scholarship program for international students, spending around $200 million on scholarship programs at different institutes nationwide. 

    Many different scholarship programs also target different demographics and education sectors. There is a good chance that you can reduce your cost of education by finding a suitable scholarship for yourself.  

    Easy Communication

    Most importantly, you will have a much easier time fitting into Australia because of the language. Australia has English as its first language, and Nepali students are quite familiar with it. While you might take a while to get used to the unique Aussie slang, you’ll use them in your own sentences soon enough!